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Genealogy/Family History
Last update of current page: 6 August 2014

Many specialized genealogical services are listed and described in the Resource Guide on the website of the Federation of East European Family History Societies (http://www.feefhs.org).

Genealogical inquiries and family history in Russia can be performed reliably through Genealogical Service of Russian Society of Historians and Archivists in Moscow (117393, Moscow, Profsoiuznaia ul., 82; e-mail: genealogy-1@mail.ru; or genealogy-1@yandex.ru; tel. [+7 495] 334-82-87; fax: [+7 495] 334-82-97). Information and appropriate questionnaires are available at the "Arkhivy Rossii" website (http://www.rusarchives.ru/demands/gen...). See more information on the website: http://www.rusarchives.ru/demands/gen.... Although the current explanation is available only in Russian, forms may be submitted in English.

See also the most extensive Russian family history website: http://www.vgd.ru/ Vserossiiskoe Genealogicheskoe Drevo (Russian)—with some text also in English: "All-Russia Family Tree".

For Jewish family history see the website of the "Routes to Roots Foundation'— http://www.rtrfoundation.org/index.html, directed by Miriam Weiner (New Jersey). Coverage includes research possibilities for families of origin in Poland, Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania, and Moldova, as well as the Russian Federation, One rubric 'Archive Database' provides helpful archival research information; another 'Maps' assists locating ancestral towns. Weiner’s English-language guides are featured in the 'Publications' section. The Foundation also sponsors on-site archival research.

The ABB printed directory, Archives of Russia (Armonk, NY: M.E. Sharpe, 2000), vol. 1, Part A, pp. 102-108, provides more bibliography of reference aids; see also the sections for Jews (pp. 98-100) and Germans from Russia (pp. 100-101), but listings now require updating. See also additional bibliographic and reference aids for genealogy in the Archival Reference Bibliography on this website
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