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ArcheoBiblioBase: Archives in Russia: B-15

Last update of repository: 29 May 2018

Rossiiskii gosudarstvennyi arkhiv v g. Samare


Total: 910 fonds, 38 collections, 2,324,827 units, 1855–2015
institutional fonds—302,892 units; scientific research documents—541,926 units; construction design documentation—108,428 units; technological documents—6,815 units; draft project documents—190,600 units; patent documentation—1,168,969 units; personal papers—17 fonds (847 units) ; personnel files—4,234 units; photographs—316 units; films—5 units

The archive (former Samara branch of RGANTD) presently retains the major basic scientific-technical documentation of the archive. This includes scientific-technical and construction documentation, along with some related managerial records and personal papers from the Soviet period.
        Industrial design records of the State Institute of Planning and Experimental Mechanical Engineering for the Coal Industry “Giprouglemash”, the State Institute for Planning of Metallurgical Plants (Gipromez, 1926–), and the S.Ia. Zhuk All-Union Scientific Research, Planning and Prospecting Institute “Gidroproekt” (1936–), document the development of the electrical power, metallurgical, and machine-tools industries; industrial, civil, and transportation construction; as well as land reclamation, irrigation, and forestry production.
        Industrial design, mechanical engineering, and construction documentation is available for the oil, coal, automotive, shipbuilding, and transportation industries. The archive retains drafts of the first Soviet automobile models, boring machines, and combines for coal production. These and other plans are to be found, for example, in the fonds of the Central Industrial Construction Bureau “Vympel” and the All-Union Scientific Research Institute of Industrial Design and Mechanical Engineering for the Chemical Industry (NIIKhimmash).
        Scientific research documentation is retained also from the oil, ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy, chemical, construction, and transportation industries. Among the most interesting fonds in this group are those of the Central Institute of Air-Hydrodynamics (TsAGI, 1918–), the State Scientific Research Institute of Civil Aviation (GosNIIGA), the Central Scientific Research Institute of Technology and Mechanical Engineering (TsNIITmash), and the L.Ia. Karpov Scientific Research Institute for Physics and Chemistry (NIFKhI).
        Patent documentation is represented by the collection of “Applications for Invention Rights” (from the fonds of the USSR State Committee for Invention and Discovery and its predecessors, 1924–1964), which include applications by O.K. Antonov, P.A. Florenskii, S.V. Il'iushin, P.L. Kapitsa, I.V. Kurchatov, A.L. Mints, K.E. Tsiolkovskii, A.N. Tupolev, and other scientists.
        The archive has a series of collections from the prerevolutionary and the Soviet periods with drafts and projects for locomotives, automobiles, agriculture machinery, river and ocean ships, and ports. There are also projects for bridges and land-grading on the Samaro-Zlatoust Railroad prepared by N.A. Beleliubskii, the founder of the Russian school of bridgebuilding.
        The archive also holds a number of personal papers of scientists and inventors (V.I. Parkhomenko, V.G. Shukhov, and A.I. Tselikov), chemists (A.N. Bakh, A.N. Frumkin, and E.V. Britske), and electrical engineers (K.A. Krug, V.S. Kulebakin, S.A. Lebedev, and K.I. Shenfer, among others).

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