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ArcheoBiblioBase: Archives in Russia: B-2

Last update of repository: 29 May 2018

Rossiiskii gosudarstvennyi arkhiv drevnikh aktov (RGADA)

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Finding Aids —  Published — General:

Archives of Russia (2000), pp. 174-85; Arkhivy Rossii (1997), pp. 146-51; Fed. arkhivy NSA (1994), pp. 25-32; GA Spravochnik (1989), pp. 45-50; G&K Spravochnik (1983), pp. 33-35 and 356-60; PKG M&L (1972), pp. 153-67; Sup. 1 (1976), pp. 38-49; Begunov, Sprav.-ukaz., pp. 162-80.

The annotated register (reestr opisei) available electronically on the website of the archive: http://rgada.info/poisk/index.php?fun....

History and Surveys of Holdings


b-60. Tsentral'nyi gosudarstvennyi arkhiv drevnikh aktov SSSR: Putevoditel'. Compiled by M.V. Babich, I.M. Eskin and E.F. Zhelokhovtseva. Edited by M.I. Avtokratova, S.M. Dushinov, N.P. Eroshkin, et al. 4 (in 5) vols. Moscow, 1991–1999. Titles of volumes 2–4: Rossiiskii gosudarstvennyi arkhiv drevnikh aktov: Putevoditel'. Publishers vary. (Lib: DLC; IU; MH).
        Vol. 1: 1991. 530 p. Electonic edition: http://guides.rusarchives.ru/browse/G...;
        Vol. 2: 1992. 520 p. Electonic edition: http://guides.rusarchives.ru/browse/G...;
        Vol. 3, pt. 1: 1996. 720 p. [1-720 pp.] Electonic edition: http://guides.rusarchives.ru/browse/G...;
Vol. 3, pt. 2: 1997. 432 p. [721-1152 pp.] Electonic edition: http://guides.rusarchives.ru/browse/G...;
        Vol. 4: 1999. 781 p. Electonic edition: http://guides.rusarchives.ru/browse/G....

A comprehensive four-volume guide. Although the detailed annotations for individual fonds do not list opisi, each volume has an appended list of opisi with dates and compilers, as well as extensive indexes. The first volume describes documentation from the State Repository of Antiquities for Charters and Manuscripts, the central Muscovite prikazy, and collections from MGAMID and the State Archive of the Russian Empire (Gosarkhiv). Appendices include a helpful chart portraying the history of the archive and its prerevolutionary predecessors. The second volume covers high administrative records of the Russian Empire, predominantly from the eighteenth century, including imperial chanceries, the Senate, its departments and agencies, the Synod, other central government agencies such as the collegia and related chanceries, land-survey administrations, imperial court records, and government commissions. It also contains an extensive bibliography of documentary publications and reference literature (although regrettably lacking rubrics or annotations). The third volume describes records of local institutions of the sixteenth to eighteenth centuries and monasteries. The fourth volume covers collections of manuscripts and early printed books, family and personal papers, and estate fonds.

b-61. Tsentral'nyi gosudarstvennyi arkhiv drevnikh aktov: Putevoditel'. Compiled by V.N. Shumilov, et al. 2 vols. Moscow: GAU pri NKVD, 1946–1947. (Lib: DLC [vol. 1]; IU [vol. 1]; MH) [IDC-R-10,706].
        Vol. 1: Edited by S.K. Bogoiavlenskii. 363 p.
        Vol. 2: Edited by A.I. Iakovlev. 184 p.

The basic two-volume guide to TsGADA, now updated by b–60. The first volume describes fonds from the prerevolutionary MGAMID (after the publication of this guide, those fonds containing the eighteenth-century records of the Collegium of Foreign Affairs were split up, and the post-1720 records were transferred to AVPRI) and seventeenth- and eighteenth-century records from the Muscovite prikazy and the chancellery and departments under the Senate from MAMIu. The second volume describes records of the Department of Lands and Estates (also from MAMIu), holdings from the Land-Survey Archive, collections from monasteries and other religious institutions, and some private family papers.

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History and Surveys of Holdings

b-62. Obzor dokumental'nykh materialov Tsentral'nogo gosudarstvennogo arkhiva drevnikh aktov po istorii SSSR perioda feodalizma XI–XVI vv. Compiled by V.N. Shumilov. Edited by M.N. Tikhomirov. Moscow: GAU, 1954. 304 p. (Lib: IU; MH) [IDC-R-10,811].

b-63. Obzor dokumental'nykh materialov po istorii g. Moskvy s drevneishikh vremen do XIX v. Compiled by S.V. Bakhrushin and V.N. Shumilov. Moscow: GAU, 1949. 187 p. (Lib: DLC; IU; MH) [IDC-R-10,707].

A detailed survey of Moscow-related materials.

b-64. Dremina, Galina Andreevna. Iz istorii Tsentral'nogo gosudarstvennogo arkhiva drevnikh aktov SSSR. Edited by V.V. Maksakov. Moscow: MGIAI, 1959. 69 p. (Lib: DLC; IU; MH) [IDC-R-10,709].

The pamphlet contains two separate articles: the first, by G.A. Dremina and A.V. Chernov, “Gosudarstvennoe drevlekhranilishche khartii i rukopisei” and the second, by G.A. Dremina, “Moskovskii arkhiv Kollegii inostrannykh del.”

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b-65. Arkhiv russkoi istorii: Sbornik Rossiiskogo gosudarstvenngo arkhiva drevnikh aktov. Moscow, 1992–1995, 2002–. Irregular. 8 vols published through 2007. [TsGADA/ RGADA] (Lib: DLC; IU; MH).

An important journal devoted to early Russian history, includes articles, documentary publication, analyses of sources, and reviews of archive-related materials from the medieval (predominantly pre-19th c.) period. Although sponsored by and editorially based in RGADA, many of its contents relate to other archival holdings as well.

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Finding Aids —  General — Unpublished:

b-68. “Annotirovannyi reestr opisei TsGADA SSSR.” 5 vols. Moscow: TsGADA SSSR, n.d. Typescript.
        Pt. 1: “Fondy 1–462”; Pt. 2: “Fondy 463–1185”;
        Pt. 3: “Fondy 1186–1286”; Pt. 4: “Fondy 1287–1642”;
        Part [5]: “Alfavitnyi spisok fondov TsGADA”.

A comprehensive typewritten list of all opisi in all fonds in TsGADA with notes regarding their content and indication of published versions. Available at the reading room office.

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Finding Aids —  Specialized:

The present list includes only selected, major specialized finding aids. Emphasis is on those that are available in IDC microform editions (i.e. major pre-1976 imprints) and more recent specialized finding aids. Articles are generally not included, although many pre-1976 articles are also available on microfiche. See the most extensive listings of relevant published finding aids and documentary publications in b–60 (vol. 2), and a more comprehensive annotated list of major specialized literature (including articles) in PKG M&L (1972), pp. 161–67, and Sup. 1 (1976), pp. 38–49. An earlier bibliography of reference literature is presented in Begunov et al., Sprav-ukaz. (Moscow/Leningrad, 1963), pp. 162–80, with indications of the fond or manuscript collection to which the reference refers.
        The collection of the most valuable documentary monuments of Russian history (f. 135. Drevlekhranilishche) available on the website of the archive: http://rgada.info/index4.php?T1=&Sk=1....
        For materials related to the Russian Orthodox Church see Ist. RPTs (1995), pp. 21–84.

Microform Series with Finding Aids
Early Charters
Records of Muscovite Prikazy (Holdings from MAMIu)
Archive of the Imperial Court
Mestnichestvo Documents
Ambassadorial Records (Holdings from MGAMID)
Archive of the Senate
Lithuanian and Rus'ka (Volyns'ka) Metrica Collections
Sources Relating to Ukraine (Malorossiiskii prikaz)
Documents from the Land-Survey Archive
Sources Relating to Trade and Commerce
Sources Relating to Jews
Manuscript Books and Incunabula
Arabic Manuscripts and Documents
Private Collections

Microform Series with Finding Aids

b-70. Archive of the Moscow Printing House, 1620–1700. Leiden: Inter Documentation Company (IDC), 2004. 907 microfiches. Microfiche edition. (Lib: MH[mf]) [IDC-MPH-1].
        Additional information is available electronically at the IDC website: http://www.idc.nl/collection347_1_26.....
        [Brochure]: http://www.idc.nl/pdf/347_brochure.pdf.

The present collection contains 104 items (books detailing income and expenditure, inventory lists, etc.) that furnish meticulous information on the workers' wages, and the amounts paid for equipment and other material in the period 1620–1700. Most of the documents from this unique archival collection, which is held in RGADA (fond 1182, opis' 1), are previously unpublished. In the near future, IDC will make available archival materials from the eighteenth century, as well as the priceless library of the Moscow Printing house, which contains books printed by such trailblazers as Ivan Fedorov, Andronik Nevezha, and Nikita Fofanov.
        CONTACT: http://www.idc.nl/.

b-71. Freemasonry in Russia. Leiden: Inter Documentation Company (IDC), 2004. 158 microfiches (32 titles). Microfiche edition. Texts in Russian, English, German and French.
        Additional information is available electronically at the IDC website: https://brill.com/view/title/15997.
        Guide: Freemasonry in Russia. Early Sources from the Russian State Archive of Ancient Acts. Moscow/Leiden: IDC Publishers, 2004. 13 p.

The collection is based on the collection of Fedor Fedorovich Mazurin (1845–1898) and Ivan Perfilevich Elagin (1728–1794). Materials from Elagin’s collection are currently kept as part of the following fonds: Fond 8 (Gosarkhiv [State Archives]); Fond 146 (Rozysknye dela [Investigation cases]); Fond 154 (Zhalovannye gramoty [Charters]); Fond 168 (Snosheniia russkikh gosudarei s pravitel'stvennymi mestami [Relations of Russian sovereigns with state institutions]). Materials of Mazurin’s collection are now kept in fond 196.

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Early Charters

b-72. Lukichev, Mikhail Petrovich. Boiarskie knigi XVII veka. Trudy po istorii i istochnikovedeniiu. Moscow: Drevlekhranilishche, 2004. xii, 536 p. + [9] ill. (Lib: DLC).

b-73. Gosudarstvennoe drevlekhranilishche khartii i rukopisei: Opis' dokumental'nykh materialov fonda No. 135. Compiled by V.N. Shumilov. Edited by L.V. Cherepnin. Moscow: GAU, 1971. 204 p. (Lib: DLC; IU; MH) [IDC-R-11,083].

A detailed catalogue of the collection of materials dating from the period 1264–1775 from the so-called Tsar’s Archive of the Posol'skii prikaz, especially rich in early charters, legal documents, manuscripts books, and other treasures of medieval Russia. Previously described in an article by Chernov (in b–64). The inventory with 402 entries indicate provenance and references to published versions. Includes indexes of proper and geographical names.

b-74. Shumakov, Sergei Aleksandrovich. Obzor “Gramot Kollegii ekonomii”. 5 vols. Moscow: Izd. Imp. Obshchestva istorii i drevnostei rossiiskikh pri Moskovskom universitete, 1899–1917, 2002. (Lib: MH) [IDC-R-11,158].
        Vol. 1: Obzor bezhetskikh (1300–1767 gg.) i alatyrskikh (1607–1761 gg.) aktov. vi, 169 p.
        Vol. 2: Teksty i obzor belozerskikh aktov (1395–1758 gg.). iv, 208 p.
        Vol. 3: Vereia, Volokolamsk, Dmitrov i Zvenigorod. vi, 688 p.
        Vol. 4: Kostroma s “tovarishchi” i Pereiaslavl'-Zalesskii. ii, 688 p.
        Originally published in Chteniia v Imperatorskom Obshchestve istorii i drevnostei rossiiskikh pri Moskovskom universitete 190 (1899), no. 3, pp. i-vi, 1–169; 194 (1900), no. 3, pp. i-iv, 1–208; 242 (1912), no. 3, pp. i-vi, 1–259; 261 (1917), no. 2, pp. i-ii, 1–336; 262 (1917), no. 3, pp. 337–688.
        Vol. 5: Materialy po Vladimiru, Gorokhovtsu, Muromu, Suzdaliu, Iur'ev-Pol'skomu i Vologde. Moscow: Drevlekhranilishche, 2002. 269 p.

A detailed list of the extremely rich collection of early Russian charters and other historical documents (14th–18th cc.) which formed part of the collection of the Collegium of Economy, housed before the Revolution in MAMIu, now fond 281 in RGADA. The introduction to the fourth volume contains an important but controversial diplomatic classification of the gramoty. Part of this collection was earlier described in the series Opisanie dokumentov i bumag, khraniashchikhsia v MAMIu (b–81), vol. 4, pt. 2, pp. 1–8, 1–150.

b-75. Russkii diplomatarii: [Sbornik publikatsii i arkhivnykh opisanii]. Edited by A.V. Antonov. Moscow: Arkheograficheskii tsentr (nos. 1-3); Pamiatniki istoricheskoi mysli, 1997–. 10 issues published through 2004. [RGADA; Arkheograficheskii tsentr (nos. 1-3); Pamiatniki istoricheskoi mysli; Drevlekhranilishche] (Lib: DLC; MH).
        Vyp. 2: Arkhivnye materialy po istorii Moskvy.
        Vyp. 8: Chastnye arkhivy russkikh feodalov XV–nachala XVII veka. Compiled by A.V. Antonov.

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Records of Muscovite Prikazy (Holdings from MAMIu)
See also the surveys of Razriadnye knigi by V.I. Buganov (1958–1973).

b-76. Knigi Moskovskikh prikazov v fondakh TsGADA: Opis' 1495–1718 gg. Compiled by V.N. Shumilov. Edited by L.V. Cherepnin. Moscow: GAU, 1972. 327 p. (Lib: DLC; IU; MH) [IDC-R-11,085].

A scholarly catalogue of 886 register books from Muscovite prikazy, predominantly dating from the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries (1495–1718). The 3,046 documentary sections are listed under the appropriate prikaz, with cross references to published versions. Includes name and geographic indexes.

b-77. Voskoboinikova, Natal'ia Petrovna. Opisanie drevneishikh dokumentov arkhivov Moskovskikh prikazov XVI–nachala XVII vv.: (RGADA. F. 141. Prikaznye dela starykh let). Edited by N.F. Demidova. Moscow/St. Petersburg, 1994–. 3 vols. through 1999. Publishers vary. [RGADA] “Spravochniki po russkoi istorii,” vol. 2-5. (Lib: DLC; IU; MH).
        [Book 1]: Edited by N.F. Demidova and N. Kollman. Moscow: Arkheograficheskii tsentr, 1994. xiv, 424 p. [RGADA; History Department, Stanford University]
        Book 2: St. Petersburg: Dmitrii Bulanin, 1999. 253 p.
        Book 3: Moscow: Pamiatniki istoricheskoi mysli, 1999. 328 p.

The first issue of a new scholarly inventory of the fond Prikaznye dela starykh let (Prikaz Files of Early Years) covers materials from the Posol'skii, Gorodov, and Razriadnyi prikazy, and the Prikaz Kazanskogo dvortsa, among others, dating from the years 1505–1613. The second volume covers 1614–1623. The third volume covers the years 1614–1626. All volumes include name and geographic indexes.

b-78. Katalog pistsovykh knig Russkogo gosudarstva: Dokumenty zemel'nogo kadastra i zemleustroistva XVI–XVII vv. Compiled by V.I. Belikov, N.F. Demina, G.A. Ivanova, N.P. Voskoboinikova and M.I. Zenchenko. 3 vols. Moscow: Pamiatniki istoricheskoi mysli, 2001–2007. [Rosarkhiv; RGADA] (Lib: DLC; MH).
Vol. 1: Pistsovye knigi Russkogo Severa. Compiled by V.I. Belikov, N.F. Demina, G.A. Ivanova, N.P. Voskoboinikova and M.I. Zenchenko. 2001. 479 p.
        Vol. 2: Pistsovye knigi Novgorodskoi zemli. 2004. 629 p. Compiled by I. Ankudinov, M.I. Zenchenko, A. Selin, A. Frolov.
        Vol. 3: Pistsovye knigi Vostochnogo Zamoskov'ia. Compiled by G.A. Ivanova, N.P. Voskoboinikova, M.I. Zenchenko, V. Kadik, A. Mashtafarov. 2007. 541 p.
        Vol. 4: Pistsovye knigi Verkhnego Zavolzh'ia. 2010. 447 p.

Catalogues of documents covers materials of 16th–17th cc. from the archive of Pomestnyi prikaz (fond 1209). Continued series Opisanie drevneishikh dokumentov arkhivov Moskovskikh prikazov (see b–77).

b-79. Shokhin, Leonid Igorevich. Moskovskii arkhiv Ministerstva Iustitsii i russkaia istoricheskaia nauka: Arkhivisty i istoriki vo vtoroi polovine XIX–nachale XX veka/Les archives du ministère de la justiceà Moscou et la science historique de la Russie: Les archivistes et les historiens à la deuxième moitié du XIXe–au commencement du XXe siècle. Edited by S.O. Shmidt. Moscow: Pamiatniki istoricheskoi mysli, 1999. 528 p. [Rosarkhiv; RGADA] (Lib: DLC; MH).
Added the title in French.

b-80. Pamiatnaia knizhka Moskovskogo arkhiva Ministerstva iustitsii. Moscow: Tip. I.I. Kushnereva, 1890. 235 p. [MAMIu] (Lib: DLC; MH) [IDC-R-10,710].

A general handbook for MAMIu describing the organization, history, and composition of the various fonds from older archival institutions with a bibliography of published descriptions.

b-81. Opisanie dokumentov i bumag, khraniashchikhsia v Moskovskom arkhive Ministerstva iustitsii. 21 vols. St. Petersburg/Moscow, 1869–[1921]. (Lib: DLC; MH) [IDC-R-285].
        Vols. 1-2: St. Petersburg: Tip. Pravitel'stvuiushchego Senata.
        Vols. 3-21: Moscow.

This large and important MAMIu series includes volumes describing and inventorying various sections of MAMIu along with historical monographs about the archive and based on some of its component sections. The first volume surveys the archive holdings. Records of the Razriadnyi prikaz are given the most extensive coverage, with inventories comprising parts of volumes 4 and 6-9, and volumes 10-20. Extended coverage is given to the records of the Pomestnyi prikaz in volumes 1, 2, and 5, and to those of the Sysknoi prikaz in volumes 2 and 4.

b-82. Opisi arkhiva Razriadnogo prikaza XVII v. Compiled by K.V. Petrov. St. Petersburg: Dmitrii Bulanin, 2001. 808 p. (Lib: DLC; MH).

b-83. Ivanov, Petr Ivanovich. Opisanie Gosudarstvennogo razriadnogo arkhiva, s prisovokupleniem snimkov so mnogikh khraniashchikhsia v onom liubopytnykh dokumentov. Moscow: Tip. S. Selivanovskogo, 1842. 452 p. (Lib: DLC; MH) [IDC-R-10,136].

Largely updated by b–81 and later studies.

b-84. Razriadnyi prikaz (nachalo XVI v.–1711 g.): Opis' stolbtsov dopolnitel'nogo otdela arkhivnogo fonda No. 210. Edited by A.A. Novosel'skii. Moscow: GAU, 1950. 144 p. [TsGADA] (Lib: MH) [IDC-R-10,714].

b-85. Zagoskin, Nikolai Pavlovich. Stoly Razriadnogo prikaza, po khraniashchimsia v Moskovskom arkhive Ministerstva iustitsii knigam ikh: Otchet o zaniatiiakh v arkhive osen'iu 1878 goda. Kazan: Tip. Imp. universiteta, 1878. 47 p. [IDC-R-11,234].

Survey of sixteenth- and seventeenth-century documents from the Razriadnyi prikaz, now in fond 210.

b-86. Mordovina, Svetlana Petrovna; and Stanislavskii, Aleksandr Lazarevich. Boiarskie spiski poslednei chetverti XVI–nachala XVII vv. i rospis' russkogo voiska 1604 g.: Ukazatel' sostava gosudareva dvora po fondu Razriadnogo prikaza. Edited by V.I. Buganov. 2 vols. Moscow: TsGADA, 1979. 341 p.; 185 p. “Pamiatniki otechestvennoi istorii,” vol. 2. (Lib: MH).

b-87. Antonov, Anton Vladislavovich. Rodoslovnye rospisi kontsa XVII v. Moscow: “Arkheograficheskii tsentr”, 1996. 414 p. “Issledovaniia po russkoi istorii,” vol. 6. (Lib: MH).

A scholarly study of the compilation and characteristics of the family genealogical registers of Moscovite boyar with an historiographic survey of earlier studies and problems of their use and interpretation as historical sources. A major part of the volume consists of a reconstruction of the complex of the genealogical registers (rodoslovnye rospisi) from the late seventeenth century, with listings alphabetically by family, which thus provides an index of existing registers. Includes detailed name indexes.

b-88. Ivanov, Petr Ivanovich. Opisanie Gosudarstvennogo arkhiva starykh del. Moscow: Tip. S. Selivanovskogo, 1850. 390 p. (Lib: DLC; MH) [IDC-R-10,712].

Provides early extensive description of the records included in this former archive, which was later amalgamated into the Moscow Archive of the Ministry of Justice (MAMIu).

b-90. [Danzas, Iuliia Nikolaevna] (Nikolaev, Innokentii N.). Ukazatel' chertezhei moskovskim tserkviam i sostoiavshim v ikh prikhodakh dvoram za 1775–1782 gg. Part 1. Moscow: Tip. L.F. Snegireva, 1884. 177 p. (Lib: MH) [IDC-R-10,812].

A survey and inventory of documentation from the Kamennyi prikaz.

b-91. Ogloblin, Nikolai Nikolaevich. Obozrenie stolbtsov i knig Sibirskogo prikaza (1592–1768 gg.). 4 vols. Moscow: Universitetskaia tip. 1895–1901. (Lib: MH) [IDC-R-10,713].
        Vol. 1: Dokumenty voevodskogo upravleniia. 429 p.
        Vol. 2: Dokumenty tamozhennogo upravleniia. 162 p.
        Vol. 3: Dokumenty po snosheniiam mestnogo upravleniia s tsentral'nym. 394  p.
        Vol. 4: Dokumenty tsentral'nogo upravleniia. 287 p.

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Archive of the Imperial Court
See also the articles by Boguslavskii and others regarding the Armory archive.

b-92. Viktorov, Aleksei Egorovich. Opisanie zapisnykh knig i bumag starinnykh dvortsovykh prikazov, 1584–1725. 2 vols. Moscow, 1877–1883. 660 p. (pagination continuous). (Lib: MH) [IDC-R-7016].
INDEX: Included in b–93.

b-93. Uspenskii, Aleksandr Ivanovich. Zapisnye knigi i bumagi starinnykh dvortsovykh prikazov: Dokumenty XVIII–XIX vv. byvshego Arkhiva Oruzheinoi palaty. Moscow: Pechatnia A.I. Snegirevoi, 1906. 247 p. [Obshchii arkhiv Ministerstva Imperatorskogo dvora] (Lib: DLC; MH) [IDC-R-10,715].
Includes indexes for b–92.

b-94. Uspenskii, Aleksandr Ivanovich. Stolbtsy byvshego arkhiva Oruzheinoi palaty. 3 vols. Moscow: Pechatnia A.I. Snegirevoi, 1912–1914. ii, 738 p. (pagination continuous). (Lib: MH) [IDC-R-11,160].

Describes documents in the early rolls from the former Moscow Armory achive now part of fond 396.

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Mestnichestvo Documents

b-95. Eskin, Iurii Moiseevich. Mestnichestvo v Rossii XVI–XVII vv.: Khronologicheskii reestr. Moscow: “Arkheograficheskii tsentr”, 1994. 274 p. “Spravochniki po russkoi istorii,” vol. 1. (Lib: DLC; MH).

A comprehensive inventory of documentation relating to the mestnichestvo system in Russia, including juridical acts relating to the system. Includes a correlated bibliography of published sources.

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Ambassadorial Records (Holdings from MGAMID)
See the coverage of MGAMID in b–60, b–61, and b–64. See the MGAMID Sbornik, which includes additional descriptions and inventories (under AVPRI, c–46). See also the reconstruction of the 1614, 1626, and 1673 inventories of the Posol'skii prikaz, edited by S.O. Shmidt and V.I. Gal'tsov (1960–1990).

b-96. Rogozhin, Nikolai Mikhailovich. Obzor posol'skikh knig iz fondov-kollektsii, khraniashchikhsia v TsGADA (konets XV–nachalo XVIII vv.). Edited by V.I. Buganov and M.P. Lukichev. Moscow, 1990. 237 p. [II SSSR; AN SSSR].

b-97. Rogozhin, Nikolai Mikhailovich. Posol'skie knigi Rossii kontsa XV–nachala XVII vv. Moscow, 1994. 223 p. [RAN; IRI].

An historical source analysis of the entire corpus of 98 ambassadorial registers (posol'skie knigi) held in RGADA, with detailed scholarly references. Includes lists of Russian and foreign diplomats during the period.

b-99. Bantysh-Kamenskii, Nikolai Nikolaevich. Obzor vneshnikh snoshenii Rossii (po 1800 god). 4 vols. Moscow: Tip. E. Lissnera i Iu. Romana/ Tip. G. Lissnera i A. Geshelia, 1894–1902. (Lib: DLC; MH) [IDC-R-5982].
(Also listed as c–50).
        Vol. 1: (Avstriia, Angliia, Vengriia, Gollandiia, Daniia, Ispaniia). 303 p.
        Vol. 2: (Germaniia i Italiia). 271 p.
        Vol. 3: (Kurliandiia, Lifliandiia, Estliandiia, Pol'sha i Portugaliia). 319 p.
        Vol. 4: (Prussiia, Frantsiia i Shvetsiia). 463 p.

These volumes, although technically not archival catalogues, provide detailed descriptions of the diplomatic records which up to the year 1720 are preserved in RGADA. They were originally prepared at the beginning of the nineteenth century by the then director of the MGAMID, but published a century later.

b-100. Putsillo, Mikhail Pavlovich. Ukazatel' delam i rukopisiam, otnosiashchimsia do Sibiri i prinadlezhashchim Moskovskomu Glavnomu arkhivu Ministerstva inostrannykh del. Moscow: Tip. A. Gattsuka, 1879. 123 p. (Lib: DLC; MH) [IDC-R-7228].

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Archive of the Senate

b-101. Arkhiv pravitel'stvuiushego Senata. Compiled by P.I. Baranov. 3 (in 4) vols. St. Petersburg, 1872–1878. (Lib: DLC) [IDC-R-10,813].
(Also listed as b–151)
        Vol. 1: Opis' imennym vysochaishim ukazam i poveleniiam tsarstvovaniia imperatora Petra Velikogo, 1704–1725. 167 p.
        Vol. 2 and 3: Opis' vysochaishim ukazam i poveleniiam, khraniashchimsia v S.-Peterburgskom senatskom arkhive za XVIII vek.
        Vol. 2: 1725–1740. 1002 p. Includes indexes for volumes 1 and 2.
        Vol. 3: 1740–1762. 513 p. Separate index: 305 p.

Copies of many of the eighteenth-century documents covered by these volumes exist in both RGADA and RGIA. The inventories coordinate the entries with the published ukazy in Polnoe sobranie zakonov Rossiiskoi Imperii and include many which have not been published.

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Lithuanian and Rus'ka (Volyns'ka) Metrica Collections

b-102. The “Lithuanian Metrica” in Moscow and Warsaw: Reconstructing the Archives of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. Including an Annotated Edition of the 1887 Inventory compiled by Stanisław Ptaszycki. Edited by P.K. Grimsted and I. Sułkowska-Kurasiowa. Cambridge, MA, 1984. xvi, 73 p.; vii, 279 p.; A-109 p. (Lib: DLC; MH).
Published by Oriental Partners for the “Harvard Series in Ukrainian Studies.” A collaborative publication of Harvard University and Polish Academy of Sciences.

Includes an introductory history and analysis of the collection, containing records from the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. The facsimile edition of the 1887 Ptaszycki inventory (b–102.1) indicates the present archival locations of the holdings listed in Moscow (RGADA) and Warsaw (AGAD—Archiwum Główne Akt Dawnykh).

b-102.1. Ptashitskii, Stanislav L. (Ptaszycki, Stanisław). Opisanie knig i aktov Litovskoi metriki. St. Petersburg: Tip. Pravitel'stvuiushchego Senata, 1887. 287 p. (Lib: NN) [IDC-R-7227].

The publication of a nineteenth-century inventory prepared in St. Petersburg covering parts of the Lithuanian Metrica that were later transferred to MAMIu. See the augmented facsimile edition as part of b–102.

b-103. Kniga posol'skaia Metriki Velikogo Kniazhestva Litovskogo, soderzhashchaia v sebe diplomaticheskie snosheniia Litvy v gosudarstvovanie korolia Sigizmunda-Avgusta (s 1545 po 1572 god). Edited by I. Danilowicz and M.A. Obolenskii. 2 vols. Moscow: Universitetskaia tip. 1843. 485 p.; 286, v p. (Lib: MH) [IDC-R-11,217].

A publication of diplomatic register books from the Lithuanian Metrica. An appendix to the first volume prints a 1798 inventory of the register books of both the Crown Metrica prepared before they were removed to Russia. Most of those from the Lithuanian Metrica remain in RGADA, as do those from the Crown Metrica relating to Ukraine for the period 1569–1673.

b-104. Berezhkov, Nikolai Grigor'evich. Litovskaia metrika kak istoricheskii istochnik. Part 1: O pervonachal'nom sostave knig Litovskoi metriki po 1522 god. Moscow: Izd-vo AN SSSR, 1946. 179 p. (Lib: DLC; MH) [IDC-R-11,120].

A detailed critical analysis of the early volumes of the Lithuanian Metrica (to 1522), containing significant data about the history of the collection and about those parts remaining in RGADA. Charts at the end provide the table of contents and details about the organizational structure of pre-1522 volumes.

b-105. Rus'ka (Volyns'ka) metrika: Rehesty dokumentiv Koronnoi kantseliarii dlia ukrains'kykh zemel' (Volyns'ke, Kyivs'ke, Bratslavs'ke, Chernihivs'ke voievodstva), 1569–1673/The Ruthenian (Volhynian) Metrica: Registers of Polish Crown Chancery Documents Addressed to Ukrainian Lands (Palatinates of Volhynia, Kyiv, Bratslav, and Chernihiv) 1569–1673. Compiled by H.V. Boriak, L. Demchenko, P. Grimsted, N. Iakovenko, K. Vyslobokov, H. Wajs, et al. Edited by H.V. Boriak, L. Demchenko, P. Grimsted, N. Iakovenko, I. Sułkowska-Kurasiowa, et al. Kyiv, 2002. 984 p. With an introduction by Patricia K. Grimsted. (Lib: MH).

Sponsored by the Institute of Ukrainian Archeography (Kyiv), the Russian State Archive of Early Documents (RGADA, Moscow), the Main Archive of Early Documents (AGAD, Warsaw), the Institute of History of the Polish Academy of Sciences (PAN), and the Harvard Ukrainian Research Institute. English version of the introduction by Grimsted is being published as a separate monograph by the Harvard Ukrainian Research Institute.
        See the table of contents and abstract of the introduction: http://www.archives.gov.ua/Eng/NB/Met....

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Sources Relating to Ukraine (Malorossiiskii prikaz)
See also b–105.

b-106. Karpov, Gennadii Fedorovich. Kriticheskii obzor razrabotki glavnykh russkikh istochnikov do istorii Malorossii otnosiashchikhsia, za vremia: 8-e genvaria 1654–30-e maia 1672 goda. Moscow: Tip. Gracheva i komp. 1870. 179 p. (Lib: MH; NN) [IDC-R-11,179].

A survey of materials relating to seventeenth-century Ukraine, mostly from the records of the Malorossiiskii prikaz (fond 124).

b-107. Koval's'kyi, Mykola Pavlovych (Koval'skii, Nikolai Pavlovich). Istochniki po istorii Ukrainy XVI–pervoi poloviny XVII v. v Litovskoi metrike v fondakh prikazov TsGADA: Uchebnoe posobie. Dnipropetrovs'k: DDU, 1979. 73 p. (Lib: MH) [IDC-in R-14,562].

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Documents from the Land-Survey Archive

b-108. Bukhert, Vladimir Genrikhovich. Arkhiv Mezhevoi kantseliarii (1768–1918 gg.). Edited by S.O. Shmidt. Moscow: RGGU, 1994. 111 p. (Lib: MH).
        EARLIER ED.: Typescript deposited in VNIIDAD OTsNTI, no. 157–96.

A detailed history of the records of the Land Survey Chancellery from the establishment of its archive in 1768 through the Revolution, with notes about finding aids and appraisal policies in different periods and references to earlier literature. Most of the records are now in RGADA (especially fonds 1294 and 1295).

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Sources Relating to Trade and Commerce

b-109. Kaidanov, Nikolai Ivanovich. Sistematicheskii katalog delam Gosudarstvennoi Kommerts-kollegii. St. Petersburg: Tip. V. Kirshbauma, 1884. 408 p. (Lib: DLC; MH) [IDC-R-10,716].

Covers the records from the Commerce Collegium (ca. 1718 to 1810), all of which are now located in RGADA.

b-110. Kaidanov, Nikolai Ivanovich. Sistematicheskii katalog delam Kommissii o kommertsii i o poshlinakh, khraniashchikhsia v arkhive Departamenta tamozhennykh sborov. St. Petersburg: Tip. V. Kirshbauma, 1887. 91 p. (Lib: DLC) [IDC-R-10,814].

b-111. Kaidanov, Nikolai Ivanovich. Sistematicheskii katalog delam Sibirskogo prikaza, Moskovskogo kommisarstva i drugikh byvshikh uchrezhdenii po chasti promyshlennosti i torgovli, khraniashchikhsia v Arkhive Departamenta tamozhennykh sborov. St. Petersburg, 1888. 204 p. Also includes: Dopolneniia k katalogu delam Departamenta vneshnei torgovli, izdannomu v 1877 godu. (Lib: DLC; MH) [IDC-R-10,717].

Part of the materials covered dating from the nineteenth century are now located in RGIA.

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Sources Relating to Jews
For coverage of Jewish-related holdings, see Dok. ist. evreev (1997), pp. 21–44.

b-112. Obzor dokumental'nykh istochnikov po istorii evreev v fondakh RGADA. Compiled by D.Z. Fel'dman. Edited by A.A. Shternishis. Moscow: O-vo “Evreiskoe nasledie”, 1994. 11 p. [RGADA; O-vo “Evreiskoe nasledie”] “Evreiskii arkhiv,” vol. 3. (Lib: MH).
Electronic edition: http://www.jewish-heritage.org/sea3.htm

Lists data regarding 22 fonds and collections with materials relating to Jewish history (1495–1905).

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Manuscript Books and Incunabula

b-113. Katalog slaviano-russkikh rukopisnykh knig XI–XIV vv. khraniashchikhsia v TsGADA SSSR. Compiled by O.A. Kniazevskaia, O.E. Kosheleva, N.S. Koval' and L.V. Moshkova. Edited by M.I. Avtokratova, O.A. Kniazevskaia and S.O. Shmidt. 2 vols. Moscow: Glavarkhiv, 1988. 349 p. (Lib: DLC; MH).

Provides scholarly descriptions of 173 manuscripts (11th–14th cc.).

b-114. Katalog slaviano-russkikh rukopisnykh knig XV veka, khraniashchikhsia v Rossiiskom gosudarstvennom arkhive drevnikh aktov. Compiled by L.V. Moshkova, A.A. Turilov and I.L. Zhuchkova. Edited by A.A. Turilov. Moscow: Drevlekhranilishche, 2000. 416 p. + plates. (Lib: DLC; MH).

b-115. Katalog slaviano-russkikh rukopisnykh knig XVI veka, khraniashchikhsia v Rossiiskom gosudarstvennom arkhive drevnikh aktov. Edited by L.V. Moshkova. 2d (stereotyped) ed. Moscow: Drevlekhranilishche, 2005–. (Lib: MH[v.1]).
Electronic edition: http://rgada.info/publicat/otobr/inde. (illustrations)
        Vyp. 1: Apostol–Kormchaia. 2005. 592 p.
        Vyp. 2: Lestvitsa–Pchela. 2014.

b-116. Moskovskie kirillovskie izdaniia XVI–XVII vv. v sobraniiakh RGADA: Katalog. Edited by A.A. Guseva. Moscow, 1996–. [RGADA] (Lib: DLC; MH).
        Vol. 1: 1556–1625. Compiled by E.V. Luk'ianova and L.N. Gorbunova. Moscow: Arkheograficheskii tsentr, 1996. 240 p.
        Vol. 2: 1626–1650. Compiled by E.V. Luk'ianova. Moscow: Indrik, 2002. 375 p. +ill.
        Vol. 3: 1651–1675. Compiled by E.V. Luk'ianova and L.N. Gorbunova. Moscow: Indrik, 2003. 272 p.

The first volume provides a scholarly description of 41 early printed books, with additional descriptions of duplicates also held. Includes introductory essays by S.R. Dolgova on the collection of early Russian printed books (pp. 7–28), and by E.V. Luk'ianova on early printed books and the archive of the Moscow Printing Palace [Moskovskii pechatnyi dvor] (pp. 19–44), several scholarly appended indexes, and illustrations.

b-117. Biblioteka Moskovskoi Sinodal'noi tipografii. Moscow, 1896–1912. 2 sections (in 8 vols.). (Lib: MH) [IDC-R-11,161].
        Section 1: Rukopisi. 6 vols. Moscow, 1896–1912.
        Vol. 1: Sborniki. Compiled by A.S. Orlov. 1896. vii, 156 p.
        Vol. 2: Sborniki i leksikony. Compiled by V.A. Pogorelov. 1899. viii, 105 p.
        Vol. 3: Psaltyri. Compiled by V.A. Pogorelov. 1901. lxiv, 175 p. + 4 plates.
        Vol. 4: Materialy i originaly vedomostei 1702–1727 gg. Compiled by V.A. Pogorelov. 1903. vii, 104 p. + 6 plates.
        Vol. 5: Kalendari i sviattsy. Compiled by A.A. Pokrovskii. 1911. xiv, 129 p.
        Vol. 6: Propovedi pervoi poloviny XIX v. Compiled by A.A. Pokrovskii. 1912. xxx, 140 p. + 27 plates.
        Section 2: Pechatnye knigi. 2 vols. Moscow. 1902–1912.

Detailed descriptions of a portion of the manuscript books from the library of the Moscow Synodal Press, which now form a special collection in RGADA (fond 381). The sixth volume, erroneously marked Chast' 2, is actually part of the first section covering manuscripts. The second section covers early printed foreign books (vol. 1: 1485–1538; vol. 2: 1539–1570).

b-118. Pokrovskii, Aleksei Alekseevich. Drevnee pskovsko-novgorodskoe pis'mennoe nasledie: Obozrenie pergamennykh rukopisei Tipografskoi i Patriarshei bibliotek v sviazi s voprosom o vremeni obrazovaniia etikh knigokhranilishch. Moscow: Sinodal'naia tip. 1916. 282 p. [IDC-R-11,175].
        Originally published in Trudy Piatnadtsatogo Arkheologichskogo s"ezda v Novgorode, 1911 g. 2 (Moscow, 1916), pp. 215–494 (includes pp. iii-xci).

A description of early parchment manuscripts from Pskov and Novgorod based on seventeenth- and eighteenth-century descriptions. Those manuscripts from the collection of the former Patriarchal Library are now in GIM.

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Arabic Manuscripts and Documents

b-119. Morozov, Dmitrii Alekseevich. Kratkii katalog arabskikh rukopisei i dokumentov Rossiiskogo gosudarstvennogo arkhiva drevnikh aktov/Handlist of Arabic Manuscripts and Documents in Russian State Archives of Ancient Acts. Compiled by D.A. Morozov. Moscow: “Arkheograficheskii tsentr”, 1996. 128 p. In Russian and Arabic. Added English title page. (Lib: MH).

Lists 139 Arabic-language manuscripts and 781 letters and other documents in the collections of several Orientalists from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries (Georg Jakob Keer, the Swedish philologist Jacob Jonas Bjernstol, and the Syrian Zhurzhi Ibrakhim Markus [G.A. Markos]), as well as other manuscripts and fragments in RGADA collections.

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Private Collections

b-120. Golitsyn, Nikolai Vladimirovich. Portfeli G.F. Millera. Moscow: Tip. G. Lissnera and A. Geshelia, 1899. 150 p. [IDC-R-11,230].
        Originally published in Sbornik MGAMID 6 (1899), pp. 403–550 [IDC-in R–11,148 mf. 22-37].

Covers the manuscript collection of Gerhardt Friedrich Müller (Miller), fond 199, which originally came from the library of MAMID.

b-121. Malov, V.N.; and Sharkova, I.S. Kollektsiia Lamuan'ona (Arkhiv Zhana Diut'e, gosudarstvennogo sekretaria Frantsii v 1547–1560 gg.): Opisanie dokumentov. Vyp. 1/Collection de Lamoignon (Les archives de Jean Duthier, secrétaire d’Etat français de 1547à 1560): Inventaire par pièce. Livre 1. Edited by V.N. Malov. Moscow: “Arkheograficheskii tsentr”, 1997. 224 p. [RAN; Institut vseobshchei istorii; RGADA].

An item-by item catalogue of so-called Lamoignon Collection (fond 81), originally held as part of the Stroganov Collection, comprising the records of the French Secretary of State Jean Duthier, covering the period 1547–1560. Most of the collection were bought at auction in Paris in 1791 by P.A. Stroganov, and were transferred to state archival custody in 1929 as part of the Stroganov Collection. The catalogue includes descriptions of related part of the Duthier papers held by the Bibliothèque Nationale in Paris. A French-language index of authors is also included. See also the account of the origin of the collection by V.N. Malov, “Poiskhozhdennie kollektsii G. Lamuan'ona (TsGADA).” The catalogue references published versions of the documents described.

b-121.1. Malov, V.N. “Diut'e-Rib'e-Lamuan'on: Novoe o kollektsii Lamuan'ona.” Arkheograficheskii ezhegodnik za 2001 god (2001), pp. 329–35.

b-122. Arkhiv gostei Pankrat'evykh XVII–nachala XVIII v. Moscow/St. 2001–. [RGADA] “Chastnye arkhivy XVII veka.”
        Vol. 1: Moscow: Editorial URSS, 2001. 392 p.
        Vol. 2: Moscow/St. Petersburg: Al'ians-Arkheo, 2007. 512 p.

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