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ArcheoBiblioBase: Archives in Russia: B-4

Last update of repository: 6 June 2018

Rossiiskii gosudarstvennyi voenno-istoricheskii arkhiv (RGVIA)

Access & Facilities

All of the fonds in the archive are now open to researchers, but some fonds don't issue in the reading room in connection with the repair work in the archive.

Working conditions
Researchers have the right to order 5 files and 5 opisi per day. Orders are delivered in two-three working days. For more details see British guide: Russian & Ukrainian Archives Guide available electronically: http://www.ceelbas.ac.uk/archives-gui....

Copy facilities
Xerox and photographic copying and microfilm facilities are available, according to established rates. Foreigners are required to pay in rubles at a dollar equivalent. A license agreement is required for copies intended for commercial use.

Reference facilities
The database of electronic opisi of RGVIA available on the website at: http://xn--80adcv1b.xn--p1ai/nsa/pere....
        Archival reference aids include several extensive card catalogues: a systematic catalogue (381,600 cards), a subject catalogue, and a catalogue of personal names (25,500 cards). There is also an alphabetical card index, an index of names, and a personal names card index of officers, staff, and the bureacracy of the Russian Army (300,000 cards). A new updated electronic catalogue is in preparation for the holdings of the former Military Science Archive (VUA).

Library facilities
Researchers working in the reading room can use the extensive reference library (58,944 units, late 18th–early 20th cc.), which is extremely rich in publications relating to military history. Holdings include a comprehensive collection of imprints issued by imperial military authorities, including many limited-edition official and in-house editions of all prerevolutionary military agencies.

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