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ArcheoBiblioBase: Archives in Russia: B-6

Last update of repository: 29 May 2018

Rossiiskii gosudarstvennyi arkhiv ekonomiki (RGAE)

Access & Facilities

Many formerly restricted fonds or parts thereof have been declassified, including most of the records of Gosplan, the State Committee on Statistics (Goskomstat), and military industrial institutions. Information about declassified fonds published in the fourth volume of the guide (b–260).
        See Biulleten' rassekrechennykh dokumentov federal'nykh arkhivov [i tsentrov khraneniia dokumentatsii] (Moscow, 1998–), vyp. 2, 4, 5, 9, 10, 11, 12 for an annotated list of fonds, files, and some individual documents that have been declassified through 1998–2010. Electronic version of published issues see: http://www.rusarchives.ru/secret/. See also the database of the declassified files and documents of federal state archives on the website “Arkhivy Rossii”: http://unsecret.rusarchives.ru/.

Working conditions
One reading room is shared with GA RF on Pirogovskaia ulitsa, 17. The second small reading room is located on Profsoiuznaia ulitsa, 82. Readers may order up to 10 files or 20 microfilms per day, which may be kept on reserve for a month. A single reader is permitted to keep only 20 files on reserve at one time. Orders are delivered within 2 working days.

Copy facilities
Xerox, scan and microfilm can be ordered, usually limited to 200 pages. Foreigners are required to pay in rubles in dollar equivalent. A license agreement is required for copies intended for commercial use.

Reference facilities
The internal reference system comprises opisi, subject and personal-name catalogues, and a catalogue of industrial branches. The list of fonds hold in the complex “Voronovo” and new documentary accessions are available electronically at http://rgae.ru/nsa/spiski-fondov.shtml. See also the electronical informational-search system of RGAE at: http://opisi.rgae.ru/scripts/uis/rgae.... More detailed reference aids are available for many fonds, including references to internal institutional structure and guides and indexes to various records—some received from the creating agencies, others prepared by the archive.

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