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ArcheoBiblioBase: Archives in Russia: B-9

Last update of repository: 29 May 2018

Rossiiskii gosudarstvennyi arkhiv nauchno-tekhnicheskoi dokumentatsii (RGANTD)

Access & Facilities

Most documents from the former RGNTA and its Moscow branch are open for research. Many fonds from the former RNITsKD are still classified, as designated by their creating agencies.
        See Biulleten' rassekrechennykh dokumentov federal'nykh arkhivov [i tsentrov khraneniia dokumentatsii] (Moscow, 1998–), vyp. 2, 10, 12 for an annotated list of fonds of RGANTD and vyp. 8, 10, 11, 12 for fonds of the former Samara branch, that have been declassified through 1998–2010. Electronic version of published issues see: http://new.rusarchives.ru/secret/inde.... See also the database of the declassified files and documents of federal state archives on the website “Arkhivy Rossii”: http://unsecret.rusarchives.ru/.

Working conditions
The reading room is equipped for research with all types of materials, including audiovisual documentation. Researchers can order 5 opisi, 10 files of scientific-technical documentation or 10 units of film and audio records (for 3 hours of sounding). Orders are normally delivered within 3 working days.

Copy facilities
All forms of copying facilities are available—xerox, photo negatives, duplicate negatives, slides, and microform. A license agreement is required in the case of copies intended for commercial use or publication.

Reference facilities
Electronic catalogues for films records and photographs are available at: http://old.rgantd.ru/ecfilm/catalog.htm (films), http://old.rgantd.ru/elcatalog/photoc... (photos).
        A general guide to the archive has been completed for the use of researchers in the reading room. There is an extensive electronic catalogue (still in the process of completion) to the level of key-word references within individual documents, covering those that have been declassified. The database further includes systematic and subject catalogues of photographs, sound recordings, film, video, and telemetric documents, and optical reconstruction of images, as well as name catalogues for photographs, sound recordings, films, and videotapes. A special system of rubrics has been developed (AIPS) for documentary retrieval relating to “Research in the Realm of Space.” Traditional archival reference aids include opisi of all types of documents, editing sheets for films, and a control card catalogue for photographic prints.

Library facilities
The library has a special reference collection devoted to space exploration (1,500 books) which is open to researchers. See more details at: http://rgantd.ru/nsa/spravochno-infor....

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