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ArcheoBiblioBase: Archives in Russia: C-015

Last update of repository: 26 February 2013

*Otdel po voprosam gosudarstvennoi registratsii aktov grazhdanskogo sostoianiia Departamenta po voprosam pravovoi pomoshchi i vzaimodeistviia s sudebnoi sistemoi Ministerstva iustitsii RF

Under the Ministry of Justice, the Division for Questions of Registration of Vital Statistics (ZAGS) operates under the Department for Questions of Legal Assistance, according to the administrative reorganization of 1998. The Ministry, however, does not operate a central archive, and has only advisory or methodological authority over local ZAGS offices that are operated as agencies of local government. Previously, the Ministry had a separate Administration for the Registration of Records of Vital Statistics, which was established in 1917 and early 1918 and developed its own centralized and standardized archival system throughout the USSR under the Ministry of Justice on the all-union and local levels. The first ZAGS agencies in Moscow were open in 1918 under local state agencies.
        Records of vital statistics kept by religious agencies before 1917 were subsequently collected on regional principles by local ZAGS archives, and kept together with current ongoing records. All ZAGS records are retained by the agency for 75 years before being deposited in designated local state archives. A new law regulating the registration of vital statistics (ZAGS)—“Ob aktakh grazhdanskogo sostoianiia” was enacted on 20 November 1997, which provide details of its archival functions and include sample forms for specific types of records kept of birth, death, marriage, divorce, adoption, and changes of name. ZAGS offices are maintained on a raion level, but a second copy of records are transferred and retained for 75 years by centralized city, oblast, or other regional ZAGS repositories, before transfer to state archives. At present, as covered elsewhere in this directory, there are separate ZAGS archives for Moscow (D–12) and Moscow Oblast (D–13) as well as for St. Petersburg and Leningrad Oblast (D–29). Additional ZAGS archives are maintained on local levels throughout the Russian Federation.
        A new law regulating the registration of vital statistics (ZAGS) was enacted in November 1997, which provides details for different types of registration and extends the regulation for the retention of two copies of ZAGS records for 75 years before the transfer of one of them to local state archives.

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