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Last update of repository: 20 November 2014

Rossiiskii federal'nyi geologicheskii fond (Rosgeolfond)

Otdel “Fondokhranilishche”
[“Fond Depository” Division]

Telephone: +7 499 259-29-17

Reading room: +7 499 259-47-67

E-mail: archiv@rfgf.ru

Website: http://www.rfgf.ru/1-2-1.htm

Opening hours: M–Th 9:30–17:00; F 9:30–16:00

Head: Natal'ia Nikolaevna Derevianova (tel. +7 499 259-29-17)

Deputy Head: Boris Mikhailovich Petrov (tel. +7 499 259-29-17)


Total: over 3,760,000 units

The “Fond Depository” Division is unique in the country for its rich archive of records on mining industries and geological surveys of underground reserves over a 200-year period in imperial Russia and the former USSR.
        Among “Fond Depository” holdings are documents and copies that were gathered in the early years of Soviet rule from predecessor institutions, including those of the Bureau of Reports on the Utilization of Mines under the Geological Committee, successors to private mining companies (including the Upper Amur Gold-Mining Company, the Trans-Ural and Alapaevsk Mining Regions, and the Lena Gold Company—“Lenzoloto”), as well as those of other institutions from the Soviet period, such as the State All-Union Institute for the Planning of Metallurgical Plants (Gipromez), All-Union Scientific Research and Planning Institute for the Mechanical Processing of Minerals (Mekhanobr), and the Scientific-Technical Council. In 1940, records were acquired of the construction of the White Sea-Baltic Canal (Belomoro-Baltiiskii kanal), and reports of the Main Administration of Gold and Platinum Production (Glavnoe upravlenie zolotoplatinovoi promyshlennosti—Glavzoloto) and the Tin and Nickel Prospecting Administration (Olovo-nikel' razvedka).
        The depository retains protocols (resolutions of meetings) of commissions for review of reserves of geological deposits for exploitable extraction, such as the State Commission for Exploitable Mineral Reserves (Gosudarstvennaia komissiia po zapasam poleznykh iskopaemykh—GKZ) of the USSR, the Central Commission for Reserves (Tsentral'naia komissiia po zapasam poleznykh iskopaemykh—TsKZ), and territorial commissions for reserves (territorial'nye komissii po zapasam—TKZ). There are state balance sheets for deposits for exploitable extraction (12,760 units, as of 01.01.2007) and materials from geological and hydrological underground analyses.
        Also held is special documentation from ministries in charge of geology in the former union republics, and from territorial geological administrations, associations, trusts, and combines. These include annual reports, all types of scientific research reports, subject-oriented and methodological work in the field of geology (over 1,200,000 units, 1739–), and geological maps and surveys with their related explanatory data (139,000 units, 1876–). Many of the materials have been transferred to microfiche and digital records.
        More information about documents held in Fond Depository available electronically: http://www.rfgf.ru/1-2-1-3new.html.

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