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Last update of repository: 20 November 2014

Rossiiskii federal'nyi geologicheskii fond (Rosgeolfond)

Otdel arkhivatsii fondovoi informatsii
[Division for Archival Storage of Fond Information]

Telephone: +7 499 259-57-61

Website: http://www.rfgf.ru/2-4.htm

Opening hours: M–Th 9:30–17:00; F 9:30–16:00

Head of the Division: Natal'ia Vasil'evna Kostevich (tel. +7 499 259-57-61); e-mail Nkostevitch@rfgf.ru

Head of the Grupp of Computer-Aided System of Authority of Studing of Territory of the Russian Federation: Valentina Vasil'evna Vavulova (tel. +7 499 259-63-21); e-mail VVavulova@rfgf.ru

Head of the Grupp of Electronical Archive of Geological Documents: Natal'ia Vladimirovna Makhova (tel. +7 499 259-33-75); e-mail NMachova@rfgf.ru


The Division has an electronic archive (CD and DVD) of geological documents.

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