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Rossiiskii federal'nyi geologicheskii fond (Rosgeolfond)

Previous names
1978–1991   Ob"edinenie “Vsesoiuznyi geologicheskii fond” (Soiuzgeolfond)
[Consolidated All-Union Geological Fond]
1953–1978   Vsesoiuznyi geologicheskii fond (VGF)
[All-Union Geological Fond]
1946–1953   Glavnoe upravlenie geologicheskikh fondov (GUGF)
[Main Administration of Geological Fonds]
1937–1946   Vsesoiuznyi geologicheskii fond (VGF)
[All-Union Geological Fond]
Rosgeolfond was initially established in 1937 as the All-Union Geological Fond (VGF) with the aim of consolidating and effectively utilizing data on the exploration, prospecting, research, and industrial exploitation of mineral deposits. It was initially under the Main Geological Administration of the People’s Commissariat for Heavy Industry (Narkomat tiazheloi promyshlennosti—Narkomtiazhprom SSSR, or NKTP) of the USSR.
        Before 1937, geological data had been collected by several different institutions, including the so-called Geological Committee (Geolkom, 1882–1931), the Central Administration for Industrial Prospecting (Tsentral'noe upravlenie promyshlennykh razvedok—TsUPR, 1918–), several geological-related scientific-research institutes, and the Central Geological Library under the Main Geological Administration (GGRU) of VSNKh (1930–), among others. Starting in 1918, Geolkom was part of VSNKh (from 1929, GGRU) and had a special Bureau of Registration of Utilizable Excavations. Centralization of collected documentation on geological data started under that bureau in 1922. Already in 1925 with the agreement of Tsentrarkhiv relevant archival fonds from central, oblast, and municipal archives were transferred there (for temporary utilization).
        With the establishment of VGF in 1937, all geological documentation was transferred there, including materials from archives under the Academy of Sciences of the USSR. From 1938 to 1946 VGF was under the authority of the Committee on Geology under the Council of People’s Commissars of the USSR (SNK SSSR).
        In 1946 VGF was renamed the Main Administration of Geological Fonds (GUGF), and until 1953 it was under the Ministry of Geology of the USSR (Ministerstvo geologii SSSR). In that year it reverted to its original name of VGF and came under the authority of Gosplan SSSR. After the Ministry of Geology and Protection of Subterranean Resources of the USSR (Ministerstvo geologii i okhrany nedr SSSR) was established in October 1953, VGF functioned as an organization under that ministry with the status of a Main Administration. In 1978 the All-Union Geological Fond Association (Soiuzgeolfond) was established on the basis of VGF.
        In December 1991 Soiuzgeolfond was reorganized as the Russian Federal Geological Fond—Rosgeolfond, with a network of territorial geological fonds (for republics, krais, and oblasts), which retain a second copy of geological reports and related documentation from their areas. Initially it was under the authority of the State Committee of Geology of the Russian Federation (Goskomgeologiia), which was later reorganized as the Committee on Geology and Utilization of Subterranean Resources (Komitet RF po geologii i ispol'zovaniiu nedr—Roskomnedra). With the governmental reorganization of August 1996 the Ministry of Natural Resources was founded on the basis of Roskomnedra and several other agencies, and Rosgeolfond accordingly came under its jurisdiction.

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