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Last update of repository: 20 November 2014

Rossiiskii federal'nyi geologicheskii fond (Rosgeolfond)

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Finding Aids —  Published — General:

Archives of Russia (2000), pp. 319-22; Arkhivy Rossii (1997), pp. 250-52.

c-160. Karapetiants, Irina Vladimirovna. Geologicheskaia dokumentatsiia i organizatsiia geologicheskogo fonda: Uchebnoe posobie. Edited by N.G. Filippov. Moscow: RGGU, 1991. 85 p. [Gos. komitet po delam nauki i vysshei shkoly; RGGU] (Lib: DLC).

Provides a history of the establishment and development of Rosgeolfond and its prerevolutionary and Soviet predecessors, along with a survey of the nature and contents of its holdings.

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Finding Aids —  Specialized:

c-161. Voprosy razrabotki sistemy gosudarstvennykh kadastrov mineral'nykh resursov SSSR. Compiled by I.M. Arskii, V.V. Lorettov, V.S. Mishchenko, et al. Kyiv: SOPS UkrSSR AN UkrSSR, 1986. 57 p. Preprint 2-86. [AN UkrSSR; Sovet po izucheniiu proizvoditel'nykh sil UkrSSR].

First restricted “for service use only” (DSP), but now accessible to researchers. Covers the development of the state system of passport cadasters for mineral resources for potential mining or excavation, and the system of regional economic registers in connection with manufacturing.

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