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ArcheoBiblioBase: Archives in Russia: C-18

Last update of repository: 17 September 2017

Tsentral'nyi kartografo-geodezicheskii fond (TsKGF)

Access & Facilities

Permission for access must be obtained from Roskartografiia by presentation of an official request on a designated form. TsKGF has some secret fonds that are not open to researchers.

Working conditions
There is no reading room. Researchers work with copies of documents which must be brought in from out-of-town storage areas.

Copy facilities
Xerox, photographic copying, and microfilming are available at varying costs.

Reference facilities
There are card catalogues for topographical maps by name, geological zones and formations; reference card catalogues, card files of cartographic elements (kartogrammy), and catalogues of published maps; card catalogues for topographic maps by name, fields, and zones; and files for catalogues of geodesic coordinate points.

Library facilities
The library has copies of regulation and normative acts for the various branches, in addition to typewritten bibliographic surveys.

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