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ArcheoBiblioBase: Archives in Russia: C-2

Last update of repository: 8 June 2017

Arkhiv vneshnei politiki Rossiiskoi Federatsii (AVP RF)

Access & Facilities

Researchers normally do not have access to any documents less than thirty years old. As of 2008, it is apparent that declassification is not proceeding, and MID does not intend to open research in what the MID views as a relatively closed agency archive. Many fonds with records of Soviet embassies abroad and most administrative fonds are available through 1967. Many categories of documentation, such as ciphered cables and annual reports (godichnye otchety) from embassies, however, have not been declassified. Special exceptions for access to normally closed (or not yet declassified) documentation are sometimes made for special collaborative projects or the preparation of international documentary publications.
        Requests for access by researchers should be presented in an official letter from the researcher’s sponsoring institution or Embassy, either to the director of the archive or to IDD MID, at least one month in advance. Such a letter should indicate the researcher’s institutional affiliation and position, purpose of research, precise topic, files needed, and date or prospective visit. If a foreigner will require an interpreter such information should also be included. Due to limited space in the reading room, researchers should confirm their prospective visit no less than five days in advance.
        It is recommended that prospective researchers write even further in advance indicating the subject and expected period of research, if their subject may require more sensitive materials and possible declassification.

Working conditions
The archive operates under regulations established by MID together with those of Rosarkhiv. A copy of the restricted published guide listed below is available only for use in the reading room on special request. Normally opisi are not available to researchers.
        For more details see British guide: Russian & Ukrainian Archives Guide available electronically: http://www.ceelbas.ac.uk/archives-gui....

Copy facilities
Photocopying facilities are extremely limited. A separate contract for publication rights must be negotiated in all cases

Reference facilities
AVP RF has opisi, surveys, and summaries of records, but opisi are usually not available for reading room use.

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