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Gosudarstvennyi fond televizionnykh i radioprogramm (Gosteleradiofond/GTRF)

Otdel komplektovaniia i nauchnoi obrabotki fonda televizionnykh materialov
[Division of Acquisitions and Scientific Processing of the Fond of Television Materials]

Telephone: +7 499 265-41-27

E-mail: telefond@gtrf.ru

Website: http://old.gtrf.ru/gtrf/telefond.aspx

Head: Irina Valer'evna Igonina (tel. +7 499 265-41-35); e-mail dtf_iigonina@gtrf.ru

Deputy Head: Angelina Viktorovna Balukova (tel. +7 499 265-41-35)

Deputy Head: Ol'ga Viacheslavovna Skoibedo (tel. +7 499 265-41-35)


The Television Fond (administratively part of the Division of Acquisitions and Scientific Processing of the Fond of Television Materials) retains feature and documentary films that have been produced or used for television broadcasting. These include newsreels, films and/or videotapes of televised concerts, animated films, and other productions. Formats include 35mm and 16mm film and Beta videocassettes. There are original materials produced by central and local television studios and shown on the all-union screen; cinema productions of the Screen (“Ekran”) Production Association; copies of films and film footage collected from other sources for television use; and other materials ordered by Gosteleradio and the Ostankino Television Radio Company.
        Some of the video recordings were prepared in the editorial offices of the Television-Technical Center (TTTs). Others consist of copies of films that have been transferred to videotape for use on television, recorded from foreign television broadcasts, or acquired from other sources.
        A special collection of photographic and graphic materials consists of prints of photographs (as well as slides and negatives) ordered from ITAR-TASS and RIA-Novosti or prepared at television editorial offices. Graphic materials of a working character include drawings, illustrations from albums or printed photographic publications, extracts from journals, and clippings used on television.

Reference facilities:
There is a general card catalogue of the Telefond and specialized thematic card catalogues. The Aquisitions Division conducts extensive consultative work based on the Telefond holdings.

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