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Gosudarstvennyi fond televizionnykh i radioprogramm (Gosteleradiofond/GTRF)

Otdel komplektovaniia i nauchnoi obrabotki fonda radiomaterialov
[Division of Acquisitions and Scientific Processing of the Fond of Radio Materials]

Address: ul. Piatnitskaia, 25

Telephone: +7 495 950-60-32

E-mail: radiofond@gtrf.ru

Website: http://old.gtrf.ru/gtrf/radiofond.aspx

Deputy Head: Nadezhda Nikolaevna Tikhonova (tel. +7 495 950-62-83)


The Radio Fond has collected completed productions of sound recordings, including artistic and political broadcasts, transmitted by radio. It has received materials prepared by the State House of Radio Sound Recordings (GDRZ) on order of the Main Editorial Board of the Central Television and Radio Broadcasting, editorial productions from Radio-1 (“Maiak”), original recordings from local and republic-level radio studios, recordings from foreign radio, and other sound recording agencies.
        Separate fonds have been organized for different types of productions. The Literary-Dramatic Fond includes radio productions, compositions, artistic readings, almanacs, publicistic works, serial broadcasts, literary evenings, and programs by special authors. The Children’s Fond includes children’s broadcasts, special productions, artistic readings, game broadcasts, special compositions, and programs by special authors.
        The Music Fond includes recordings of all types: background music, symphonies, instrumental music, vocal music, musical literary broadcasts, and various kinds of concerts.
        The Documentary Fond comprises news broadcasts as well as lectures, speeches, interviews, and press conferences by political, social, and cultural leaders, and by scientists, scholars, artists, and writers.

Reference facilities:
There are card catalogues for the different fonds—by author, performer, and subject. Since 1975, Gosteleradiofond has been processing information about the holdings of documentary records in an automated information retrieval system.
        Based on the holdings, the Acquisitions Division of the Radio Fond provides extensive consultations by contract for editors and organizations.

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