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Last update of repository: 16 March 2014

Gosudarstvennyi fond televizionnykh i radioprogramm (Gosteleradiofond/GTRF)

[State Fond of Television and Radio Programs]

Agency: Federal'noe agentstvo po pechati i massovym kommunikatsiiam
[Federal Agency on Publications and Mass Communications]

Address: 115326, Moscow, ul. Piatnitskaia, 25, stroenie 1; (postal): 107078, Moscow, ul. Novaia Basmannaia, 19, stroenie 1

Telephone: +7 499 261-29-82, +7 499 265-74-95

Fax: +7 499 265-74-95

E-mail: gtrf@gtrf.ru

Website: http://www.gtrf.ru

Opening hours: M–F 9:00–18:00 (consultations by appointment)

Transport: metro: Barrikadnaia, Krasnopresnenskaia + trol. 5; bus: 6 (to “Nikitskie vorota”); Pushkinskaia, Tverskaia, Chekhovskaia + trol. 15, 31

Director: Sergei Andreevich Volkov (tel. +7 499 265-74-95)

Deputy Director: Valentina Mikhailovna Morozova (tel. +7 499 265-78-38; e-mail morozova@gtrf.ru)

About Gosteleradiofond/GTRF
Gosteleradiofond was established in 1974 as the All-Union Fond of Television and Radio Programs under the State Committee for Television and Radio Broadcasting of the USSR (Gosteleradiofond Gosteleradio SSSR) to preserve materials used in radio and television broadcasting, which had been collected earlier in the radio and film fonds divisions. It serves as a repository for the acquisition and preservation of copies of films and television films (on film or videocassette), sound recordings, and photographs and graphic materials. Many of its acquisitions actually date back to the 1950s and were significantly increased during the 1960s and early 1970s. The archive now has two principal collections: the Television Fond (Telefond), and the (Radiofond), which are operated by separate divisions.
        The Television Fond (administratively part of the Division of Acquisitions and Scientific Processing of the Fond of Television Materials) retains feature and documentary films that have been produced or used for television broadcasting. These include newsreels, films and/or videotapes of television concerts, animated films, and other productions, including original materials produced by central and local television studios and copies of films and film footage collected from other sources for television use.
        The Radio Fond has collected completed productions of sound recordings, including artistic and political broadcasts, transmitted by radio, including original recordings from local and republic-level radio studios, recordings from foreign radio, and other sound recording agencies. Separate fonds have been organized for different types of productions, including the Literary-Dramatic Fond, the Children’s Fond, the Music Fond, and the Documentary Fond.

Otdel komplektovaniia i nauchnoi obrabotki fonda televizionnykh materialov (Telefond)
[Division of Acquisitions and Scientific Processing of the Fond of Television Materials]
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Otdel komplektovaniia i nauchnoi obrabotki fonda radiomaterialov (Radiofond)
[Division of Acquisitions and Scientific Processing of the Fond of Radio Materials]
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