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Last update of repository: 16 March 2014

Gosudarstvennyi fond televizionnykh i radioprogramm (Gosteleradiofond/GTRF)

Previous names
1974–1991   Vsesoiuznyi fond televizionnykh i radioprogramm (Teleradiofond)
[All-Union Fond of Television and Radio Programs]
Gosteleradiofond was established in 1974 as the All-Union Fond of Television and Radio Programs under the State Committee for Television and Radio Broadcasting of the USSR (Teleradiofond Gosteleradio SSSR) to preserve materials used in radio and television broadcasting, which had been collected earlier in the radio and film fonds divisions. According to its founding regulation, it serves as a repository for the acquisition and preservation of copies of films and television films (on film or videocassette), sound recordings, and photographs and graphic materials conforming to the thematic plan of the Main Editorial Board of the Central Television and Radio Broadcasting Service, the Screen (“Ekran”) Production Association, and local committees for television and radio broadcasting. Many of its acquisitions actually date back to the 1950s and were significantly increased during the 1960s and early 1970s.
        Until December 1991, Gosteleradiofond was under the control of the Ostankino All-Union State Television and Radio Company, but after reorganization, it acquired its present name and its independent status as a state agency under the jurisdiction of the government of the Russian Federation (Pravitel'stvo RF). According to a government directive of December 1995, Gosteleradiofond remains a state institution under the Federal Service of Russia for Television and Broadcasting (FSTR). In conformity with federal proprietory rights to its collected materials, it officially constitutes a legal successor to earlier abolished state television and radio-broadcasting organizations and is not subject to privatization. In January 1998 Gosteleradiofond was registered as one of the most valuable monuments of the cultural heritage of the peoples of the Russian Federation.
        The archive now has two principal collections: the Division of Acquisitions of the Television Fond (Telefond), and the Division of Acquisitions of the Radiofond, which are operated as separate divisions. In accordance with the 1994 federal law “On Required Copies of Documents”, Gosteleradiofond is required to receive an obligatory free depository copy of audio productions (on the day of their creation), and video productions (on the day of public release), together with editing outtakes and scenarios or scripts. In addition, the archive acquires television and radio productions or other materials that have been aired by licensed broadcasters. However, since privatization in the radio-television industry in Russia, Gosteleradiofond has been receiving copies of only a small percentage of recent radio and television productions.

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