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Last update of repository: 21 September 2017

Rossiiskaia knizhnaia palata (RKP)

Otdel Natsional'nogo knigokhranilishcha (Gosudarstvennyi arkhiv pechati)
[Division of National Depository of Books (State Archive of Publications)]

Address: 127018, Moscow, ul. Okt'iabrskaia, 4; (National Depository of Books, formerly Mozhaisk Branch): 143200, Mozhaisk, ul. 20-go ianvaria, 20

Reading room: (Mozhaisk): +7 496 382-18-92

Opening hours: (Moscow): by arrangement; (Mozhaisk): M–F 9:00–16:00
Transport: metro: Tsvetnoi bul'var + trol. 13; trol. 69; (Mozhaisk): suburban train from Belorusskii Station

Head of the Division: Galina Nikolaevna Romanova (tel. +7 496 382-30-53)


Total: 1 fonds; over 83,000,000 units; 1917–to present

The State Archive of Publications by law retains an obligatory depository control copy of every book published in the former USSR (and now in the Russian Federation) from 1 January 1917 to the present, as well as joint publications with foreign publishers. Since 1991, however, despite the new Russian law on depository copies, with privatization and the breakdown of centralized controls, Archive has been receiving only a small percentage of the required depository copies, particularly from smaller publishers and from joint editions with publishers abroad. The depository is divided into special sections for different types of imprints: books and booklets, periodicals and serial works, cartographic editions, art editions, music, small-pressrun editions, and posters.
        There are also copies of small-scale printed works of up to four pages; works printed in less than 100 copies; works produced by offset, mimeograph, or xerox and the like; short-lived publications (less than a year); and works printed for advertising purposes.

N.B. The State Archive of Publications holdings have some lacunae resulting from a bomb that hit the Book Chamber building and a July 1941 fire, as well as from various withdrawals and eliminations ordered by the censorship agency, Glavlit.

Working conditions:
The largest part of the State Archive of Publications holdings are retained in a special Finnish-constructed storage area in Mozhaisk. Materials may be ordered to the Moscow office (delivery time 2-3 days), or researchers may obtain immediate access and even overnight accommodations in the Mozhaisk facility.

Reference facilities:
Reference facilities include state registration lists, a card catalogue of restricted-access publications, previously missing or supressed editions, a card catalogue of available books from 1917–1920, and inventory books for periodical publications (1917–1930). A computerized retrieval system, “Archive,” installed in 1989, covers the holdings from 1931 to 1989.

Copy facilities:
Archive can prepare xerox copies at the request of organizations and individuals.

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