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ArcheoBiblioBase: Archives in Russia: C-24

Last update of repository: 21 September 2017

Rossiiskaia knizhnaia palata (RKP)

[Russian Book Chamber]

Agency: Ministerstvo sviazi i massovykh kommunikatsii Rossiiskoi Federatsii
[Ministry of Communications and Mass Communication of the Russian Federation]
Federal'noe agentstvo po pechati i massovym kommunikatsiiam
[Federal Agency on Publications and Mass Communications]

Address: 119019, Moscow, Kremlevskaia nab., 1/9; 127018, Moscow, ul. Oktiabr'skaia, 4, str.2

Telephone: +7 495 697-56-08

E-mail: info@bookchamber.ru

Website: http://www.bookchamber.ru

Transport: metro: Kropotkinskaia, Borovitskaia; trol. 16; metro: Novoslobodskaia, Dostoevskaia

General Director: Elena Borisovna Nogina (tel. +7 495 697-56-08)

Executive Director: Rustem Akhtiamovich Aigistov (tel. +7 499 766-01-00)

Deputy General Director of Science: Konstantin Mikhailovich Sukhorukov (tel. +7 499 766-00-01)

Deputy General Director of Bibliography: Irina Ivanovna Il'ina (tel. +7 495 688-52-63)

About RKP
The Russian Book Chamber was originally established in St. Petersburg in May 1917 as a specialized agency in the realm of bibliography. During the Soviet period, its functions were ultimately transferred to the All-Union Book Chamber (VKP). In 1992, it reverted back to its original name.
        The State Archive of Publications (GAP) by law retains an obligatory depository control copy of every book published in the former USSR (and now in the Russian Federation) from 1 January 1917 to the present, as well as joint publications with foreign publishers. Since 1991, however, despite the new Russian law on depository copies, with privatization and the breakdown of centralized controls, GAP has been receiving only a small percentage of the required depository copies, particularly from smaller publishers and from joint editions with publishers abroad.

N.B. The GAP holdings have some lacunae resulting from a bomb that hit the Book Chamber building and a July 1941 fire, as well as from various withdrawals and eliminations ordered by the censorship agency, Glavlit.

The Scientific Bibliographic Archive (NBA) serves as a repository for a significant volume of documentation, including the administrative records of VKP itself, and papers of a number of important bibliographers, who were associated with VKP. The administrative-operational records of RKP/VKP that are designated for permanent preservation for the period 1917–1950 are arranged in a separate fond. A separate fond devoted to “Personalia” preserves significant personal papers of well-known Russian bibliographers, librarians, and bookmen.

Otdel Natsional'nogo knigokhranilishcha (Gosudarstvennyi arkhiv pechati)
[Division of National Depository of Books (State Archive of Publications)]
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Nauchno-bibliograficheskii arkhiv (NBA)
[Scientific Bibliographic Archive]
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