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ArcheoBiblioBase: Archives in Russia: C-24

Last update of repository: 21 September 2017

Rossiiskaia knizhnaia palata (RKP)

Previous names
1935–1992   Vsesoiuznaia knizhnaia palata (VKP)
[All-Union Book Chamber]
1925–1935   Gosudarstvennaia tsentral'naia knizhnaia palata RSFSR (GKP)
[State Central Book Chamber]
1920–1925   Rossiiskaia tsentral'naia knizhnaia palata
[Russian Central Book Chamber]
1917–1920   Rossiiskaia knizhnaia palata
[Russian Book Chamber]
The Russian Book Chamber was originally established in St. Petersburg in May 1917 as a specialized agency in the area of bibliography and the registration of publications. In 1920 its competence was transferred to the Russian (from 1925—State) Central Book Chamber (GKP), newly established in Moscow. The State Archive of Publications (GAP) was added to its internal structure in 1922. By resolution of the Central Executive Committee (TsIK) of the USSR in 1935, GKP was reorganized as the All-Union Book Chamber (VKP). In 1992 it reverted to its earlier name of the Russian Book Chamber (RKP).
        There are two divisions of importance for researchers—the State Archive of Publications (GAP) for despository copies of all imprints in the USSR and now the Russian Federation, with offices in Moscow and a branch with the depository itself in Mozhaisk, and the Scientific Bibliographic Archive (NBA). Through a special arrangement with TsGAOR SSSR in 1991 (now GA RF—B–1), the VKP administrative records designated for permanent preservation are to remain in the VKP internal archive for fifty years.

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