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Last update of repository: 5 August 2014

Kinokontsern “Mosfil'm” (Mosfil'm)

Informatsionnyi tsentr “Mosfil'm-info”
[Information Center “Mosfil'm-info”]

Telephone: +7 499 143-92-25, 143-92-72

Website: http://www.mosfilm.ru/podrazdeleniya/...

Opening hours: M–F 9:00–17:30 (additional hours by arrangement)

Head: Gaiane Romenovna Ambartsumian (tel. +7 499 143-92-25)


Total: statistics not available

The Center consists of the library, reading room, museum and video archive. It retains documentary materials on the history of motion pictures, including scenarios, photographs, and administrative materials relating to Mosfil'm productions. Some of these are held in the Mosfil'm museum. Copies are available of some feature and documentary films produced by the studio, as well as film clips and editing outtakes, but complete copies have in the past been transferred to Gosfil'mofond.

Working conditions:
The studio museum is maintained as a research facility principally for the studio itself (tel.: +7 499 143-92-72). It is not staffed for public research, although occasionally, arrangements can be made for specialists.

Library facilities:
There is a special library with literature on the history of cinematography.

Copy facilities:
Copying facilities are available for paper documents and film.

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