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Last update of repository: 5 August 2014

Kinokontsern “Mosfil'm” (Mosfil'm)

Previous names
1936–1993   Kinostudiia “Mosfil'm”
[Mosfil'm Motion Picture Studio]
The Mosfil'm Company was founded in 1993 on the basis of the largest Russian state film studio, Mosfil'm. It had originally been established in 1924, bringing together the First and Third Goskino studios and, from 1935, the Mosfil'm studio produced only feature films. Participating in the Film Company are a number of separate studios of major well-known producers—“3 T” (N.S. Mikhalkov), “Kur'er” (K.G. Shakhnazarov), “Vremia” (S.F. Bondarchuk), “Ritm” (G.N. Daneliia), “Krug” (S.N. Solov'ev), “Zhanr” (V. Men'shov), and “Soiuz” (V.N. Naumov), among others.
        The Information Center “Mosfil'm-info” of the film studio serves as a special study center and systematically collects materials on the history of Soviet cinematography from various sources. The center also maintains a museum of the film studio (http://www.mosfilm.ru/proff/museum). The Central Consolidated Archive itself collects documentation only from the Mosfil'm studio itself.

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