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Last update of repository: 8 June 2017

Arkhiv vneshnei politiki Rossiiskoi Imperii (AVPRI)

Previous names
1946–X.1991   Arkhiv vneshnei politiki Rossii (AVPR)
[Archive of Foreign Policy of Russsia]
1934–1946   Gosudarstvennyi arkhiv vneshnei politiki (GAVP)
[State Archive of Foreign Policy]
1923–1934   Arkhiv revoliutsii i vneshnei politiki Rossii
[Archive of Revolution and Foreign Policy]
1834–1864   Sankt-Peterburgskii Glavnyi arkhiv Ministerstva inostrannykh del (GAMID)
[Main Archive of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs]
1832–1920   Moskovskii glavnyi arkhiv Ministerstva inostrannykh del (MGAMID)
[Moscow Main Archive of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs]
1724–1832   Moskovskii arkhiv Kollegii inostrannykh del (MAKID)
[Moscow Archive of the Collegium of Foreign Affairs]
The Archive of Foreign Policy of Russia (AVPR) was established in 1946 under the People’s Commissariat of Foreign Affairs (NKID) on the basis of prerevolutionary imperial Russian diplomatic records that were transferred to the Commissariat (after 1946—Ministry) from state archives under the NKVD. These records had come from the prerevolutionary Moscow Main Archive of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MGAMID) and the Main Archive of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (GAMID) in St. Petersburg, and also the Chancellery of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Empire.
        In 1918 those two archives were incorporated into Section VII of the Consolidated State Archival Fond (EGAF RSFSR), and from 1925 were under the authority of the State Archive of the RSFSR (Glavarkhiv). When Glavarkhiv was abolished, the records from MGAMID became part the Early Repository (Drevlekhranilishche) of the Moscow Division of the Central Historical Archive of the RSFSR, which in 1931 was renamed the State Archive of the Feudal-Serfdom Epoch (Gosudarstvennyi arkhiv feodal'no-krepostnicheskoi epokhi—GAFKE), and in 1941—the Central State Archive of Early Acts (Tsentral'nyi gosudarstvennyi arkhiv drevnikh aktov—TsGADA SSSR). The records from the St. Peterburg Main Archive of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (GAMID) were moved to Moscow in 1923 and consolidated in the Archive of Revolution and Foreign Policy (after 1934—the State Archive of Foreign Policy). In 1941 those materials became part of the Central State Historical Archive in Moscow (TsGIAM).
        In 1946 the diplomatic documentation post-dating 1720 from the two Moscow repositories—TsGADA and TsGIAM—was transferred to the newly established separate AVPR under MID. In October 1992, the archive was renamed AVPRI, and since 1993 operates as a division of IDD MID.

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