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Last update of repository: 5 August 2014

Rossiiskaia tsentral'naia kinovideostudiia khronikal'no-dokumental'nukh i uchebnykh fil'mov (RTsSDF)

[Film Archive]

Address: Moscow, Kulakov per., 17

Telephone: +7 495 514-74-48, +7 495 514-74-39

E-mail: info@net-film.ru

Website: http://www.rcsdf.ru/archives.htm;  http://www.net-film.ru/  (electronic archive)


Electronic archive of newsreel and documentary films available on-line: http://www.net-film.ru/. Description of fonds also available on the website: http://www.net-film.ru/about-collection/, as well catalogues: http://www.net-film.ru/catalogs/.

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