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Last update of repository: 5 August 2014

Rossiiskaia tsentral'naia kinovideostudiia khronikal'no-dokumental'nukh i uchebnykh fil'mov (RTsSDF)

Previous names
1993–200?   Rossiiskaia tsentral'naia studiia dokumental'nykh fil'mov (RTsSDF)
[Russian Central Studio for Documentary Films]
1944–1993   Tsentral'naia studiia dokumental'nykh fil'mov (TsSDF)
[Central Studio for Documentary Films]
1940–1944   Tsentral'naia studiia kinokhroniki
[Central Studio of Newsreel]
1936–1940   Moskovskaia studiia kinokhroniki
[Moscow Studio of Newsreel]
1931–1936   “Soiuzkinokhronika”
1927–1931   Spetsial'nyi otdel kinokhroniki
[Special Division of Newsreel]
Russian Central Film-Video Studio for Documentary and Educational Films was established in 1927 as Special Division of Newsreel.

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