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Last update of repository: 5 August 2014

Kinostudiia “Lenfil'm” (Lenfil'm)

[Film Fond]

Telephone: +7 812 326-83-81

E-mail: sales@lenfilm.ru
Opening hours: M–F 10:00–17:00 (by apppointment)


Total: 1960s–1990s325 copies of films

The Rental Division retains a copy of all feature films produced by the Lenfil'm Studio, including those by the well-known Soviet directors G.M. Kozintsev, I.E. Kheifits, M.I. Ershov, V.V. Mel'nikov, I.F. Maslennikov, I.A. Averbakh, V.I. Tregubovich, V.Ia. Vengerov, A.G. German, S.G. Mikaelian, S.D. Aranovich, A.N. Sokurov, and many others.
        Materials are also held in the film studio for the World War II collection“Boevye kinosborniki,” containing the work of directors and studio film operators who took documentary footage at battle fronts and during the Leningrad blockade.

Working conditions:
Researchers are received in the working rooms of the division, since there is no formal reading room. Viewing of films can be arranged in one of the film studios on a commercial basis subject to agreement with the administration.

Reference facilities:
The chronological catalogue of films (1918–1990s) is available only for internal staff use.

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