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Last update of repository: 5 August 2014

Kinostudiia “Lenfil'm” (Lenfil'm)

Informatsionno-arkhivnyi otdel
[Informational and Archival Division]

Telephone: +7 812 326-82-69

E-mail: archive@lenfilm.ru
Opening hours: M–F 10:00–17:00 (by appointment)

Head: Svetlana Aleksandrovna Kolomets (tel. +7 812 326-82-69)


Total: ca. 100,000 units; 1918–present

The Cabinet of Lenfil'm History (administratively part of the Information Bureau [Informbiuro]) serves as a studio museum for the retention of documentary materials on the history of the Lenfil'm studio; editing outtakes and film footage (from the mid-1920s to the present); directors’ copies of scenarios (autographed, typewritten, and rotaprint); drawings and sketches for decorations and costumes; negatives, positives, and other photographic documents; and film posters and billboard notices, among others.

Working conditions:
Fees are charged for consultations with specialists, research visits, delivery of materials, and use of the reference facilities. A reading room is located in the library of the film studio, which is administratively part of the Information Bureau. It is advisable to order materials needed for research in advance by telephone.

Reference facilities:
The museum has alphabetical card catalogues for staff use: names of artistic workers (directors, cameramen, actors, etc.), laureates of Lenin and state (Stalin) prizes in all fields of literature and art; laureates of the Vasil'ev brothers republic film prizes, well-known actors of stage and film, and also chronological card catalogues of films produced by the Lenfil'm Studio (by date of release and alphabetically for scriptwriters, directors, artists, composers, and sound coordinators).

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