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Kinostudiia “Lennauchfil'm”—Filial Tsentra natsional'nogo fil'ma

Previous names
2006–2012   Kinostudiia “Lennauchfil'm”
[“Lennauchfil'm” Film Studio]
1946–2006   Leningradskaia (from 1996—Sankt-Peterburgskaia) kinostudiia nauchno-populiarnykh fil'mov “Lennauchfil'm”
[Lennauchfil'm Leningrad (from 1996—St. Petersburg) Film Studio for Scientific Popular Films]
1942–1944   Leningradskaia Ob"edinennaia kinostudiia nauchno-tekhnicheskikh i khronikal'no-dokumental'nykh fil'mov
[Leningrad United Film Studio of Scientific Popular and Documentary Films]
1936–1942, 1944–1946   Leningradskaia kinofabrika (from 1936—kinostudiia) nauchno-uchebnykh i tekhnicheskikh fil'mov “Lentekhfil'm”
[Lentekhfil'm Leningrad Film Factory (from 1936—Film Studio) of Scientific Popular and Technical Films]
1933–1936   Kinofabrika no. 1 “Tekhfil'm”
[Film Factory no. 1 “Tekhfil'm”]
The Leningrad Studio for Documentary (scientific popular) Films was founded in 1933 as the Technical Film Studio (Tekhfil'm), on the basis of the Cultural Film (Kul'turfil'm) division and the military sector of the Roskino Film Studio. During World War II, it remained the only working studio in beseiged Leningrad, shooting scenes of events in the blockaded city and on the Leningrad and Volkhov fronts, thanks to which unique frames are preserved from those years.
        Known as Lennauchfil'm since 1953, it remains one of the most important Russian producers of documentary films with production of approximately 150 per year.

N.B. The administrative records of the film studio for the period 1933–1973 are retained in TsGALI SPb (D–18, fond 243).

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