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ArcheoBiblioBase: Archives in Russia: C-5

Last update of repository: 18 March 2016

Arkhiv Voenno-Morskogo Flota, Gatchina—Filial Tsentral'nogo arkhiva Ministerstva oborony RF


Total: 6,000 fonds, 2,153,000 units, 1941–to present

The archive holds the records of central administrative agencies, all fleets and flotillas, naval units, research and educational institutions, naval ports, shipbuilding and other enterprises, and naval hydrographic and scientific expeditions, dating from 1941 to the present.
        The archive retains fonds of the Navy General Staff, the Main Administration of the People’s Commissariat of the Navy, the Ministry of the Navy, staffs and commanders of fleets and flotillas, as well as various formations, military units, ships, and other institutions subordinate to them. There are also records of Navy political training organs on all levels, beginning with the primary Communist Party and Komsomol organizations within naval units.
        The archive is one of the largest repositories in the country for records of World War II. Records of the Navy General Staff, staffs of fleets and flotillas, naval bases, formations, units, and ships retain data about recruitment, deployment of fleets and flotillas, and action in naval theaters of operations. Documentation covers, for example, the defense of the naval bases in Liepaja (before 1917—Libava), Novorossiisk, Odessa, Sevastopol, Tallinn, Khanko, as well as landing operations. Fonds of the Staff of the Baltic Fleet, the Baltic Fleet formations, units, and ships, include documentation about operations on the Leningrad Front, submarine operations, and the defense of Leningrad. A group of fonds of the Northern Fleet include documents on joint British-Soviet combat operations in the North Sea and the escort of Allied convoys. Records of the Pacific Fleet and the North Pacific and Amur flotillas document combat operations against Japan from 8 August to 3 September 1945.
        Postwar records document the reorganization and modernization of the Soviet Navy, its equipment, and shipbuilding programs. The archive include records of naval aircraft, marine, air-defense, coastal defense units, naval depots, and of hydrographic, health, and rescue services, among others. There is also a collection of logs of naval vessels and submarines.
        There are numerous records of naval personnel: merit and decoration certificates of awardees, including “Heroes of the Soviet Union” and other decorations, along with descriptions of their service in battle. The archive has several extensive card files, including registration cards for officers and enlisted staff, and combat fatalities of naval personnel during the World War II from 1941 to 1945. There is a collection of personal files of admirals and other naval officers.

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