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ArcheoBiblioBase: Archives in Russia: C-6

Last update of repository: 9 June 2017

Tsentral'nyi arkhiv Federal'noi sluzhby bezopasnosti RF (TsA FSB Rossii)

Access & Facilities

For repressed individuals or their families, access to related files is guaranteed by law.
        Otherwise, research access remains extremely limited. Some types of files of the Cheka (1917–1923) have been declassified, as have files relating to collectivization and deportation of the population (to 1940), and also some special normative documents relating to repression (decrees, minutes of sessions of extra-judicial organs, such as the Special Sessions of the MGB).
        Researchers are very occasionally admitted for special requests within limited categories of declassified files and joint publication projects. Requests for research access should be submitted in writing to the reception address above (Lubianka, 2) with precise reference to the subject and aim of research. Requests from foreigners should normally be made through a sponsoring Russian institution. Requests for information by journalists should be made to the Public Relations Center.

Working conditions
A reading room (Kuznetskii most, 22) operates principally to service requests for documents from repressed individuals or their family. Researchers are occasionally admitted with advance approval. Opisi are not available to researchers, as the archivists themselves choose highly selected documents for researchers according to the subject of request.

Copy facilities
On occasion it is possible to obtain xerox or microfilm copies of limited documents.

Reference facilities
The archive has opisi, alphabetical card files, and annotated documentary abstracts. See also reference facilities described under the MVD archive (C–8) which retains the central card file of repressed and incarcerated individuals.

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