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Last update of repository: 9 June 2017

Tsentral'nyi arkhiv Federal'noi sluzhby bezopasnosti RF (TsA FSB Rossii)

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Archives of Russia (2000), pp. 296-302; Arkhivy Rossii (1997), pp. 236-39.

There is no published guide for the records in the archive.

Administrative History

c-93. Upravlenie registratsii i arkhivnykh fondov FSB Rossii: 1918–2003. 85 let istorii. Compiled by V.A. Kokhnenko, O.K. Matveev, N.M. Promyshlennikov, I.I. Pykhtin, A.M. Seleznev and V.K. Vinogradov. Moscow, 2003. 40 p. (Lib: GARF-NB).

c-94. Tsvetkova, Roza. “Est' materialy, kotorye ne budut rassekrecheny nikogda.” Strana.Ru, December 2005, no. 23. interview with Vasilii Khristoforov, Chief of URAF FSB Rossii).
Electronic edition: http://www.fsb.ru/fsb/smi/interview/s...

c-95. Galaiko, Vladimir. “Sekrety zhivut vechno. V arkhivakh Lubianki.” Rodnaia gazeta, 2003 (19 December), no. 34. (interview with Vasilii Khristoforov, Chief of URAF FSB Rossii).
Electronic edition: http://www.fsb.ru/smi/article/hristof...

c-96. Okhotin, Nikita Glebovich; and Roginskii, Arsenii Borisovich. “Die KGB-Archive ein Jahr nach dem Putsch von August 1991.” In Russland heute: von innen gesehen. Politik, Recht, Kultur, edited by A.B. Roginskii, pp. 93–116. Bremen, 1993. (Lib: MH).

The most extensive available report on the KGB archives as they were organized in 1992, with revealing details about their history and contents. The original Russian version—“Arkhivy KGB: god posle putcha” (1992)—printed only in a presentation copy for the University of Bremen—is available in typescript at the Memorial Scientific Information and Enlightenment Center in Moscow.

c-97. Petrov, Nikita Vasil'evich. “‘Politika rukovodstva KGB v otnoshenii arkhivnogo dela byla prestupnoi . . .’.” Karta: Nezavisimyi istoricheskii zhurnal (Riazan), 1993, no. 1, pp. 4–5. (Lib: MH).

A short, concise, but nonetheless detailed report on the organization and specific categories of holdings of the former KGB archives as of the fall of 1992, with reference to the Central Archive in Moscow and its branches, as well as the archive of the KGB Administration for Moscow Oblast. Notes earlier regulations for the retention and “cleansing” of KGB records, including the instructions issued by V.A. Kriuchkov in the 1980s for the destruction of records of agents. Appended is the 1992 report of the presidential commission on the transfer of KGB and CPSU records to state repositories, signed by General D.A. Volkogonov (pp. 6–7), and a summary of types of records and locations of KGB branch archives.

c-98. Nikulina, Natal'ia. “Tainy Lubianki.” Vek, 1997, no. 13(23), pp. 12. (interview with the Chief of the FSB Directorate of Regisration and Archival Fonds Iakov F. Pogonii). (Lib: MH).
        Condensed version in Dos'e na tsenzuru / Index on Censorship 1 (1997), no. 1, pp. 94–100, together with reply by Iakov Pogonii, “Dlia chitatelei zhurnala ‘Dos'e na tsensuru’,” and introductory remarks by Nikulina, “Kak ia vizirovala material o spetskhrane” (pp.  91–93).

The Chief of the FSB archival administration answers questions about access, retention-destruction, and declassification policies and procedures, and other current issues regarding the FSB archive and rehabilitation proceedings.

c-99. Kudriashov, Sergei; and Maksimova, Tat'iana. “Arkhivy spetssluzhb—‘Liudi v prave znat' vse . . .’.” Rodina, 1993, no. 11, pp. 44–47. (interview with the Chief of the MB RF Archival Administration, Anatolii Afanas'evich Kraiushkin). (Lib: DLC; IU; MH).

The Chief of the MB RF Archival Administration describes the holdings and discusses access procedures, especially for repressed individuals. See also two other interviews with Kraiushkin in Rossiiskaia gazeta, no. 45 (6 March 1993), p. 9, and no. 74 (17 April 1993), p. 13.

c-100. Vinogradov, Vladimir Konstantinovich. “Soveshchanie-seminar v Roskomarkhive.” Otechestvennye arkhivy, 1992, no. 5, pp. 4–5. (Lib: DLC; IU; MH).

The first officially published report about the KGB archive by the former Deputy Chief of the Directorate.

c-101. KGB: Vchera, segodnia, zavtra: (Sbornik dokladov). Edited by L. Isakova and E.V. Oznobkina. Moscow: Znak, Gendal'f, 1993. 223 p. (Lib: DLC; MH).

A collection of papers from the first (February 1993) and second (May 1993) international conferences on the KGB held in Moscow in 1993. Although there is no specific coverage of KGB archives, many of the wide range of presentations deal with legal issues affecting the conduct of the KGB, some of which also affect the use of archives. Also available in English translation (c–101.1); reports from the plenary session of the first conference were published separately (c–102 and c–102.1).

c-101.1. KGB: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow: (Collected Reports). Edited by E.V. Oznobkina. Moscow: Znak-SP, Gendal'f, 1993. 239 p. [“Glasnost'” Public Foundation] (Lib: MH).

An English translation of the presentations at the first (February 1993) and second (May 1993) conferences on the KGB held in Moscow in 1993.

c-102. Mezhdunarodnaia konferentsiia “KGB: vchera, segodnia, zavtra” (Moscow, 19–21 fevr. 1993 g.): Plenarnoe zasedanie: Doklady i diskussii. Edited by S.I. Grigor'iants. Moscow: Fond “Glasnost'”, 1993. 96 p. [Obshchestvennyi fond “Glasnost'”].

A collection of the addresses presented to the plenary session of the First International Conference on the KGB (19–21 February 1993).

c-102.1. KGB: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow: The First International Conference: Plenary Meeting Reports and Discussion. Edited by E.V. Oznobkina. Moscow: “Glasnost'”, 1993. 84 p. [Glasnost Public Foundation; Cultural Initiative Fund; East-to-East Program].

An English translation of the reports presented in the plenary session of the First International Conference on the KGB (19–21 February 1993). Other reports from the first conference are published separately (c–101 and in English c–101.1). Additional booklet versions were also issued for other sessions.

c-103. KGB: Vchera, segodnia, zavtra: III konferentsiia: Doklady i diskussii. Edited by O. Boiarskaia, T.S. Grigor'iants and E.V. Oznobkina. Moscow: Znak-SP, Obshchestvennyi fond “Glasnost'”, 1994. 255 p. [Obshchestvennyi fond “Glasnost'”; Fond Dzh. Sorosa “Kul'turnaia initsiativa”; Programma “Vostok-Vostok”] (Lib: DLC; MH).

The collected short reports and speeches presented to the Third International Conference on the KGB, held in Moscow (1–3 October 1993). Although there are no specific papers dealing with the KGB archives or citations to archival sources, many of the papers presented are revealing as to the holdings and potential value of the archives. The reports come from the plenary session and the four subsequent conference sessions: the KGB and the Economy, the KGB and the Army, the KGB and Culture, and the KGB and Mass Information Media.

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Administrative History

c-104. Lubianka: organy VChK–OGPU–NKVD–NKGB–MGB–MVD–KGB: 1917–1991: Spravochnik. Compiled by A.I. Kokurin and N.V. Petrov. Moscow: Mezhdunarodnyi fond “Demokratiia”, 2003. 766 p. “Rossiia. XX vek: Dokumenty.” (Lib: DLC; MH).
(Also listed as b–27).

c-105. Lubianka: VChK–OGPU–NKVD–NKGB–MGB–MVD–KGB: 1917–1960: Spravochnik. Compiled by A.I. Kokurin and N.V. Petrov. Edited by R.G. Pikhoia. Moscow: Mezhdunarodnyi fond “Demokratiia”, 1997. 348 p. (Also listed as b–28). “Rossiia. XX vek: Dokumenty.” (Lib: DLC; MH).

A detailed guide to the agency structure and evolution of the successive secret police and penal agencies of the USSR (1917–1960) with a list and dates of institutional changes (pp. 125–42). Appendices provide biographical data on successive ministers and deputies, 1924–1960 (pp. 143–58). Half of the volume (pp. 159–330) constitutes texts of 33 normative documents and instructions regarding the agencies, many of which are publicly available for the first time from agency records.

c-106. VChK–GPU: Dokumenty i materialy. Compiled by I. Fel'shtinskii. Edited by I. Fel'shtinskii. Moscow: Izd-vo Gumanitarnoi lit-ry, 1995. 270 p. (Lib: MH).
        U.S. EDITION: VChK–GPU. Compiled by Iurii Fel'shtinskii. Benson, VT: “Chalidze Publications,” 1989. 216  p. (Lib: DLC; MH).

A collection of normative documents—decrees, protocols, instructions, and regulations—regarding the structure and operation of the Cheka (1918–1921) and the State Political Directorate (GPU) (mid-1920s), published from original documents in the Boris Nikolaevskii Collection at the Hoover Institution.

c-107. Istoriia sovetskikh organov gosudarstvennoi bezopasnosti: Uchebnik. Compiled by V.V. Doroshenko, et al. Edited by V.M. Chebrikov, et al. Moscow, 1977. 639 p. Xerox copy available at the Davis Center for Russian Studies, Harvard University. [Vysshaia krasnoznamennaia shkola KGB im. F.E. Dzerzhinskogo pri SM SSSR] (Lib: MH).

A textbook prepared by the KGB for its internal training program in 1977. Includes detailed structural charts of the agency, a chronological guide, and citations to regulations and other documents in the KGB Central Archive. A copy of the still–top-secret publication, has recently become available in the West, although it has still not been declassified in Russia.

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Finding Aids —  Specialized:

Famine in the USSR (1930s)

Famine in the USSR (1930s)

c-110. Kollektsiia dokumentov GARF, RGAE, RGASPI, TsA FSB Rossii po teme “Golod v SSSR. 1930–1934 gg.”. Moscow, 2008–.
Electronic edition: http://new.rusarchives.ru/publication...
(Also listed as b–32, b–277, b–550 and at the list of archival reference bibliography of this website).

The collection with reports culled from GA RF, RGAE, RGASPI (former CP Central Archive), and TsA FSB (former KGB archive) demonstrate increasing famine due to the speed of forced collectivization and excessive requisitioning of grain for export. The tragic results, as explained in the introduction, came from lack of grain supplies, peasant opposition to the Stalin agrarian policies, and central requisitioning for export in many areas of the USSR—especially black earth regions, northern Caucasus, Trans-Volga regions, and Kazakhstan, as well as the Ukrainian SSR.

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