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ArcheoBiblioBase: Archives in Russia: D-16

Last update of repository: 23 January 2018

Tsentral'nyi gosudarstvennyi istoricheskii arkhiv Sankt-Peterburga (TsGIA SPb)

Access & Facilities

All fonds are open for research.

Working conditions
Some of the opisi are housed in the reading room. Researchers can order 3 original or 5 copies of files, and 5 opisi of fonds. Orders are delivered within three working days. For more details see British guide: Russian & Ukrainian Archives Guide available electronically: http://www.ceelbas.ac.uk/archives-gui....

Copy facilities
Xerox, photographic, and microfilm facilities are available.

Reference facilities
The website has a list of all fonds and opisi at: http://www.spbarchives.ru/web/group/i....
        Readers have access to the unpublished opisi, many of which are shelved in the reading room. There are extensive systematic, name, and geographic card catalogues. For staff use there are additional card catalogues of fonds, as well as subject-oriented and other card catalogues, including those that came from the creating agencies—for personnel, construction, architecture, for entries in gentry registration books (dvorianskie rodoslovnye knigi), and parish registers (metricheskie knigi). There are geographic, name and subject catalogues for institutional fonds. There are seven surveys of fonds and eleven typescript thematic surveys.

Library facilities
The reference library (ca. 42,000 volumes), a large part of which came from the library of the St. Petersburg Gentry Assembly, has extensive literature relating to the history of Russia and St.√ā¬†Petersburg, but researches haven’t access to library now.

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