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Last update of repository: 21 November 2017

Fiziko-tekhnicheskii institut im. A.F. Ioffe RAN (FTI)

[A.F. Ioffe Physico-Technical Institute]

Agency: Rossiiskaia Akademiia nauk (RAN), Otdelenie fizicheskikh nauk
[Russian Academy of Sciences, Department of Physical Sciences]
Federal'noe agentstvo nauchnykh organizatsii (FANO Rossii)
[Federal Agency for Scientific Organizations]

Address: 194021, St. Petersburg, ul. Politekhnicheskaia, 26

Telephone: +7 812 297-22-45

Fax: +7 812 297-10-17

E-mail: post@mail.ioffe.ru

Website: http://www.ioffe.ru  (Rus); http://www.ioffe.ru/index_en.html  (Eng)

Transport: metro: Politekhnicheskaia

Director: Andrei Georgievich Zabrodskii (tel. +7 812 297-23-75; e-mail Andrei.Zabrodskii@mail.ioffe.ru)

Deputy Director for Scientific Work: Sergei Vladimirovich Lebedev (tel. +7 812 297-79-28; e-mail lebedev.sv@administration.ioffe.ru)

Scientific Secretary: Andrei Petrovich Shergin (tel. +7 812 297-22-45; e-mail A.Shergin@mail.ioffe.ru)

About FTI
Materials from the office of the so-called Individual Group of Academician A.F. Ioffe and his laboratory, and the subsequent Institute of Semi-Conductors of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR (through 1952) are retained in the St. Petersburg Branch of the Archive of the Russian Academy of Sciences (PFA RAN, E-25, fond 852; electronically: http://isaran.ru/isaran/isaran.php?pa...). Part of the personal papers of A.F. Ioffe are also in PFA RAN (fond 910; electronically: http://isaran.ru/isaran/isaran.php?pa...).

Nauchnyi arkhiv
[Scientific Archive]
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Memorial'nyi kabinet akademika A.F. Ioffe
[A.F. Ioffe Memorial Cabinet]
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