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Biblioteka Rossiiskoi Akademii nauk (BAN)

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Archives of Russia (2000), pp. 753-62; Arkhivy Rossii (1997), pp. 568-75; GAF Spravochnik (1991), pp. 418-20; Begunov, Sprav.-ukaz. (1963), pp. 71-77; PKG M&L (1972), pp. 209-12; Sup. 1 (1976), pp. 62-67; G&K Spravochnik (1983), pp. 159-67; Muzykal'nyi Leningrad, p. 373; Biblioteki SPb (1993), pp. 10-14; Biblioteki: Putevoditel' (1996), pp. 134-38.

Division of Manuscripts
      • General Surveys
      • Manuscript Catalogues
      • ORRK Series/Surveys
BAN History
BAN Bibliography

Division of Manuscripts
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General Surveys

g-680. Kukushkina, Margarita Vladimirovna. Rukopisnye fondy Biblioteki Akademii nauk SSSR. Edited by V.A. Filov. Leningrad: “Nauka”, 1988. 68 p. [AN SSSR; BAN] (Lib: DLC; IU; MH).

A survey of BAN history and manuscript holdings from the time of its establishment.

g-681. Istoricheskii ocherk i obzor fondov Rukopisnogo otdela Biblioteki Akademii nauk. Edited by V.P. Adrianova-Peretts. 3 vols. Moscow/Leningrad: Izd-vo AN SSSR, 1956–1961. (Lib: DLC; IU; MH) [IDC-R-3535].
        Pt. 1: XVIII vek. 1956. 483 p.
        Pt. 2: XIX–XX veka. 1958. 398 p.
        [Pt. 3]: Karty, plany, chertezhi, risunki, graviury sobraniia Petra I. 1961. 289 p.

The first volume surveys the history of the formation of the manuscript holdings in BAN through the eighteenth century, including the library and manuscript collection of Peter I and Tsarevich Aleksei Petrovich, with appended inventories of those libraries, as well as the collection of V.N. Tatishchev. Separate articles describe the foreign manuscript books in those collections and later eighteenth-century acquisitions. The second volume continues the history of the manuscript holdings in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, with separate surveys of 47 major institutional collections (pp. 77–204), foreign manuscripts (pp. 205–71), and Greek manuscripts (pp. 272–84). A final section surveys the A.P. Kartavov collection of watermarks. A supplemental volume provides a detailed description and inventory of maps and other graphic manuscripts in the collection of Peter I, with indexes.

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Manuscript Catalogues

g-685. Opisanie Rukopisnogo otdeleniia Biblioteki Imperatorskoi Akademii nauk. Edited by F.I. Pokrovskii and V.I. Sreznevskii. 2 vols. St. Petersburg: Tip. Imp. AN, 1910–1915. (Lib: DLC; IU; MH) [IDC-R-10,953].
        Vol. 1: Rukopisi. I. Knigi Sviashchennogo pisaniia; II. Knigi bogosluzhebnye. 525 p.
        Vol. 2: III. Tvoreniia ottsov i uchitelei tserkvi; IV. Bogoslovie dogmaticheskoe i polemicheskoe; V. Bogoslovie uchitel'noe. 629 p.

g-686. Opisanie Rukopisnogo otdela Biblioteki RAN. Moscow/Leningrad, 1930–. 10 volumes published through 2010. Some volumes had several books and several editions. (Lib: DLC; IU; MH) [IDC-R-10,954 (vols. 3-5)].
        Title in 1930–1959: Opisanie rukopisnogo otdeleniia Biblioteki Akademii nauk SSSR.
        Title in 1965–1989: Opisanie rukopisnogo otdela Biblioteki Akademii nauk SSSR.

Continues g–685.

g-686.1. Khronografy, letopisi, stepennye, rodoslovnye, razriadnye knigi. Compiled by A.I. Kopanev, M.V. Kukushkina, V.F. Pokrovskaia, et al. Edited by A.I. Andreev. 2d ed. Moscow/Leningrad: Izd-vo AN SSSR, 1959. 708 p. “Opisanie Rukopisnogo otdela BAN,” vol. 3, pt. 1. (Lib: DLC; IU; MH) [IDC-R-10,954].
        1st ed.: L. 1930. [IDC-R-10,955].

Describes 253 historical manuscripts, with supplemental descriptions of 100 new acquisitions since the 1930 edition.

g-686.2. Istoricheskie sborniki XV–XVII vv. Compiled by A.I. Kopanev, M.V. Kukushkina and V.F. Pokrovskaia. Edited by V.A. Petrov. Moscow: “Nauka”, 1965. 362 p. “Opisanie Rukopisnogo otdela BAN,” vol. 3, pt. 2. (Lib: DLC; IU; MH) [IDC-R-10,954].

Describes 146 historical codexes (15th–17th cc.), with various chronicle texts.

g-686.3. Istoricheskie sborniki XVIII–XIX vv. Compiled by N.I. Bubnov, A.I. Kopanev, M.V. Kukushkina and O.P. Likhacheva. Edited by A.I. Kopanev. Leningrad: “Nauka“, 1971. 420 p. “Opisanie Rukopisnogo otdela BAN,” vol. 3, pt. 3. (Lib: DLC; IU; MH) [IDC-R-10,954].

Describes 166 historical codices from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, which include later copies of earlier chronicles, 175 historical-literary codices with descriptions of cities, monasteries, and other historical events, along with 65 codices from the seventeenth century and other earlier documentary materials.

g-686.4. Povesti, romany, skazaniia, skazki, rasskazy. Edited by A.P. Konusov and V.F. Pokrovskaia. Moscow/Leningrad: Izd-vo AN SSSR, 1951. 598 p. “Opisanie Rukopisnogo otdela BAN,” vol. 4, pt. 1. (Lib: DLC; IU; MH) [IDC-R-10,954].

g-686.5. Stikhotvoreniia, romansy, poemy i dramaticheskie sochineniia XVII–pervoi treti XIX v. Compiled by I.F. Martynov. Edited by A.M. Panchenko. Leningrad: “Nauka”, 1980. 349 p. “Opisanie Rukopisnogo otdela BAN,” vol. 4, pt. 2. (Lib: DLC; IU; MH) [IDC-R-10,954].

Describes over 200 Russian and foreign texts (late 17th–early 19th cc.)

g-686.6. Grecheskie rukopisi. Compiled by I.N. Lebedeva. Edited by E.E. Granstrem. Leningrad: “Nauka”, 1973. 242 p. “Opisanie Rukopisnogo otdela BAN,” vol. 5. (Lib: DLC; IU; MH) [IDC-R-10,954].

Describes 293 Greek manuscripts (5th–20th cc.), 75 of which are on parchment.

g-686.7. Rukopisi latinskogo alfavita XVI–XVII vv. Compiled by I.N. Lebedeva. Edited by T.P. Voronova. Leningrad: “Nauka”, 1979. 287 p. “Opisanie Rukopisnogo otdela BAN,” vol. 6. (Lib: DLC; IU; MH).

Describes ca. 200 manuscript books in ten European languages—on history, law, science, and other subjects.

g-686.8. Sochineniia pisatelei-staroobriadtsev XVII v. Compiled by N.I. Bubnov. Edited by A.I. Kopanev. Leningrad: “Nauka”, 1984. 316 p. “Opisanie Rukopisnogo otdela BAN,” vol. 7, pt. 1. (Lib: DLC; IU; MH).

Describes 133 manuscripts with writings of Old Believer authors (17th–early 20th cc.).

g-686.9. Rukopisi Arkhangel'skogo sobraniia. Compiled by A.A. Amosov, L.V. Belova and M.V. Kukushkina. Edited by M.V. Kukushkina. Leningrad: “Nauka”, 1989. 326 p. “Opisanie Rukopisnogo otdela BAN,” vol. 8, pt. 1. (Lib: DLC; IU; MH).

Describes 189 manuscript books of an historical and literary character, some on parchment, arranged in order of the inventory numbers.

g-686.10. Litsevye staroobriadcheskie rukopisi XVIII–pervoi poloviny XX vekov. Compiled by E.K. Bratchikova, N.I. Bubnov and V.G. Podkovyrova. St. Petersburg: BAN, 2010. 672 p. “Opisanie Rukopisnogo otdela BAN,” vol. 10, pt.1.

g-687. Pergamennye rukopisi Biblioteki Akademii nauk SSSR: Opisanie russkikh i slavianskikh rukopisei XI–XVI vv. Compiled by N.I. Bubnov, O.P. Likhacheva and V.F. Pokrovskaia. Edited by V.F. Pokrovskaia. Leningrad: “Nauka”, 1976. 235 p. (Lib: DDO; DLC; IU; MH).

Describes 195 parchment books and fragments in Russian, Bulgarian, and Serbian, consisting of the earliest and most valuable manuscripts in BAN.

g-688. Latinskie rukopisi Biblioteki Akademii nauk SSSR: Opisanie rukopisei latinskogo alfavita X–XV vv. Compiled by L.I. Kiseleva. Edited by A.D. Liublinskaia. Leningrad: “Nauka”, 1978. 319 p. (Lib: DLC; IU; MH).

Describes 196 Latin-alphabet manuscripts and fragments in various European languages—German, early Flemish, French, Italian, Polish, and Czech, in addition to Latin—on history, law, theology, medicine, astronomy, and other subjects.

g-689. Okhrannaia opis' Rukopisnogo otdeleniia Biblioteki Imperatorskoi Akademii nauk. Vol. 1: Knigi sviashchennogo pisaniia. Compiled by V.I. Sreznevskii. St. Petersburg: Tip. Imp. AN, 1905. iv, 70 p. + 4 plates. (Lib: NN) [IDC-R-7307].
        Earlier ed. serially in Izvestiia Imperatorskoi Akademii nauk, series 5: 15, no. 4 (1901), pp. 399–421; 16, no. 4 (1902), pp. 89–94; 17, no. 2 (1902), pp. 35–45; 17, no. 5 (1902): 79–87; 18, no. 3 (1903), pp. 1–19; 22, no. 3 (1905), pp. 37–48 + 4 plates.

The initial volume of a projected comprehensive catalogue that was subsequently abandoned in this form. Describes 72 early Slavic manuscripts in the basic collection of BAN.

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ORRK Series/Surveys

g-694. Redkie knigi v fondakh biblioteki Rossiiskoi akademii nauk. Compiled by E.A. Savel'eva. Sankt-Peterburg: Biblioteka Rossiiskoi akademii nauk, 1994. 44 p. Russian and French; introduction in Russian, English and French. [BAN; Association internationale de bibliophile] (Lib: DLC; MH).

g-695. Materialy i soobshcheniia po fondam Otdela rukopisnoi i redkoi knigi Biblioteki Akademii nauk SSSR. Edited by A.I. Kopanev and M.V. Kukushkina. 3 vols. Leningrad/Moscow: “Nauka”, 1966–1987. [AN SSSR; BAN] (Lib: DLC; IU; MH).
        Vol. 1: M./L. 1966. 207 p. [IDC-R-10,956]
        Vol. 2: L. 1978. 352 p.
        Vol. 3: 1985. L. 1987. 286 p.

A series of volumes of collected archives with several of importance for the manuscript holdings. In terms of manuscript holdings, the 1966 volume describes the Petrine collection—“Sobranie Petrovskoi galerei.” The 1978 volume surveys Russian and other Slavic parchment manuscripts, Masonic manuscripts, Western European manuscripts, lubok holdings, and new acquisitions between 1955 and 1976. The 1987 volume describes new acquisitions between 1977 and 1985, and a bibliography of surveys and other publications regarding manuscript holdings during the period 1979–1987.

g-696. Rukopisnye i redkie pechatnye knigi v fondakh Biblioteki AN SSSR: Sbornik nauchnykh trudov. Edited by S.P. Luppov and A.A. Moiseeva. Leningrad: BAN, 1976. 159 p. (Lib: DLC; IU; MH).

Includes an article by I.N. Lebedeva “Obzor rukopisnykh knig Kurliandskogo sobraniia Biblioteki AN SSSR” (pp. 5–26).

g-697. Sbornik statei i materialov Biblioteki AN SSSR po knigovedeniiu. 3 vols. Leningrad: “Nauka”, 1965–1973. (Lib: DLC; IU; MH) [IDC-R-11,089].
        Vol. 1: 1965. 339 p. + plates. Vol.  2: 1970. 341 p. + plates.
        Vol. 3: (added subtitle): K 400–letiiu russkogo knigopechataniia. 1973. 495 p. + plates.

A series of volumes of collected articles covering different aspects of library developments, including descriptions of manuscript collections—such as Greek manuscripts from Mount Athos (vol. 2, pp. 183–92), Italian manuscripts (vol. 3, pp. 423–41), reports on archeographic expeditions (e.g. vol. 2, pp. 307–36, and vol. 3, pp. 443–84), and new acquisitions in BAN.

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BAN History

g-699. Letopis' biblioteki Rossiiskoi Akademii nauk. Edited by V.P. Leonov. St. Petersburg, 2004–. [RAN; BAN].
        Vol. 1: 1714–1900. Compiled by G.V. Golovko et al. Edited by N.V. Kolpakova et al. 2004. 416 p.

History of the library year by year with references to archival and published sources.

g-700. Kopanev, Aleksandr Il'ich; Kukushkina, Margarita Vladimirovna; Luppov, Sergei Pavlovich; et al. Istoriia Biblioteki Akademii nauk SSSR: 1714–1964. Edited by M.S. Filippov. Moscow/Leningrad: “Nauka”, 1964. 599 p. [AN SSSR; BAN] (Lib: DLC; IU; MH) [IDC-R-11,306].

An extensive history honoring the 250th anniversary of BAN, with considerable attention to development of the holdings with background information about many of the manuscript collections.

g-701. Liutova, Kseniia Vladimirovna. Biblioteka Akademii nauk SSSR: K 275-letiiu pervoi gosudarstvennoi nauchnoi biblioteki Rossii. Compiled by N.P. Kopaneva. Leningrad: BAN, 1990. 114 p. [BAN] (Lib: DLC; IU; MH).

A popular survey history of the library and its holdings and activities.

g-702. 275 let Biblioteke Akademii nauk: Sbornik dokladov iubileinoi nauchnoi konferentsii. Edited by V.P. Leonov, L.M. Ravich and M.A. Shaparneva. St. Petersburg: BAN, 1991. 318 p. [RAN; Biblioteka RAN] (Lib: DLC; IU).

A collection of materials from a conference honoring the anniversary of BAN, including reports on restoration efforts after the 1988 fire. See especially the article by L.I. Kiseleva, “Problemy sokhrannosti i ispol'zovaniia rukopisnykh i redkikh knig BAN” (pp. 67–76) and A.A. Amosov, “Populiarizatsiia pamiatnikov pis'mennosti BAN” (pp. 98–105).

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BAN Bibliography

g-705. Biblioteka Akademii nauk SSSR, 1714–1964: Bibliograficheskii ukazatel'. Compiled by E.P. Faidel', et al. Edited by M.S. Filippov. Leningrad: BAN, 1964. 308 p. (Lib: DLC; IU; MH) [IDC-R-10,951].
        —Ukazatel' literatury za 1964–1974 gg. Compiled by G.V. Sergienko. L. 1981. 173  p.
        —— za 1975–1984 g. Compiled by N.A. Laskeev and O.N. Peskova. L. 1986. 168 p.

Presents a comprehensive bibliography of books and articles published by and about the library and its various divisions. See the coverage of prerevolutionary publications describing the manuscript holding (pp. 106–40), and those published since, 1917–1963 (pp. 215–36). The supplements continue the coverage and are expanded by g–706 and g–707.

g-706. Biblioteka Akademii nauk SSSR: Ukazatel' literatury za 1964–1988 gg. Compiled by N.A. Laskeev. Edited by M.V. Petrovskaia. Leningrad, 1989. 345 p. (Lib: IU; MH).

Supplements g–705.

g-707. Amosov, Aleksandr Aleksandrovich; and Bubnov, Nikolai Iur'evich. “Bibliografiia rabot sotrudnikov Otdela rukopisnoi i redkoi knigi Biblioteki Akademii nauk SSSR (1945–1984).” Polata k"nigopis'naia/ Polata knigopisnaia 13 (December 1985), pp. 2–28. (Lib: DLC; MH).

g-708. Biblioteka Rossiiskoi akademii nauk: Ukazatel' literatury sotrudnikov (1989–1999). Compiled by M.G. Bokan, T.N. Danchenko, N.V. Kolpakova and N.V. Ponomareva. Edited by V.P. Leonov. St. Petersburg, 2001. 256 p. [BAN] (Lib: DLC; MH).

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Finding Aids —  Specialized:

For additional prerevolutionary descriptions of Slavic manuscript materials in BAN, see the bibliographies cited above (g–705g–707), and for pre-1963 publications, the extensive coverage by Begunov, Spravochnik-ukazatel' (1963), pp. 71–77. For manuscripts from the collections of the Archeographic Commission, many of which are held by SPbII (E-23), see e-314–e–318.
        Regarding the collection of the St. Petersburg Independent Public Library (Sankt-Petersburgskaia nezavisimaia obshchestvennaia biblioteka), see Paskalova, M.A.; Solov'eva, S.A.; and Strukova, E.N. Samizdat i novaia politicheskaia pressa: (po materialam kollektsii Moskvy i Sankt-Peterburga) (1993), p. 31.

Division of Manuscripts
Slavonic-Rus' Manuscripts
      • Collection of the Prerevolutionary Archeographical Commission
      • Cartographic Materials
      • Manuscripts from Old Believers’ Colony
      • Manuscripts from Vologda, Olonets, and Perm Guberniias
      • Manuscripts from Northern Russia
      • Burtsev Collection
      • Druzhinin Collection
      • Collection of Count Fedor Andreevich Tolstoi
      • Collection of Bishop Porfirii Uspenskii
Greek Musical Manuscripts

Division of Manuscripts

g-712. Korpus zapisei na staropechatnykh knigakh. Compiled by L.I. Kiseleva. Edited by A.I. Kopanev. St. Petersburg: BAN, 1992–. [BAN] (Lib: DLC; IU; MH).
        Vol. 1: Zapisi na knigakh kirillicheskogo shrifta, napechatannykh v Moskve v XVI–XVII  vv. 218 p.

The first volume in a planned series describing inscriptions in early printed books, including scholarly description of textual inscriptions, library marks, stamps, and ex libris, monograms, and other markings on books printed in Moscow, the Aleksandrovskaia sloboda, and Iverskii Monastery (with over 900 descriptions).

g-713. Mir rukopisnoi knigi: Avtografy Petra I. Compiled by A.A. Amosov, et al. St. Petersburg: BAN, 1994. 21 p. [Mezhdunarodnaia assotsiatsiia bibliofilov; BAN] (Lib: DLC; MH).
Parallel texts in Russian, English, and French.

g-714. Biblioteka Ia.V. Briusa: Katalog. Compiled by E.A. Savel'eva. Edited by A.I. Kopanev. St. Petersburg: BAN, 1989. 410 p. [BAN] (Lib: MH).

An extensive scholarly reconstruction, describing 25 manuscripts and 797 printed books from the personal library of Jacob Bruce (1669–1735), of Scottish descent, who came to Russia to serve as an advisor of Peter I. The original library of approximately 1,500 volumes was acquired by BAN in 1737 but not kept together as an integral collection. Includes indexes of names, titles, geographical names, notes and autographs by Bruce, and books by language.

g-715. Rukopisnoe nasledie baronov Budbergov v fondakh biblioteki Rossiiskoi Akademii nauk. Compiled by O.N. Bleskina. Edited by L.I. Kiseleva. St. Petersburg: BAN, 1996. 76 p. + plates. [BAN].

A detailed description of 18 manuscripts, predominantly diaries and travelogues by different members of the Budberg family (18th–19th cc.). Includes a history of the family with reference to specific manuscripts from their library and archive (pp. 10–31). Extensive indexes.

g-716. Rukopisnaia illiustrirovannaia kniga Biblioteki AN SSSR: Katalog vystavki illiustrirovannykh rukopisei XI–XIX vv. napisannykh latinskim alfavitom. Compiled by O.N. Bleskina. Edited by L.I. Kiseleva. Leningrad: BAN, 1991. 56 p. + 19 plates. (Lib: DLC; IU; MH).

An exhibition catalogue which describes 43 illuminated manuscripts of Italian, French, Swiss, German, Dutch, Dalmatian, and Russian provenance.

g-717. Pevcheskie rukopisi v sobranii Biblioteki Rossiiskoi Akademii nauk: Katalog vystavki. Compiled by F.V. Panchenko. Edited by A.A. Amosov. St. Petersburg: BAN, 1994. 52 p. + plates. (Lib: DLC; IU; MH).

An exhibition catalogue describing 52 choral manuscripts (11th–20th cc.), including those with early Rus' neumatic notation, Old Believer chants, and linear notations.

g-718. Pokrovskaia, Vera Fedorovna. “Kartoteka akademika N.K. Nikol'skogo.” In Trudy Biblioteki Akademii nauk 1, pp. 143–51. Moscow, 1948. (Lib: DLC; IU; MH).

Describes the card catalogue held in BAN, prepared by the Slavicist N.K. Nikol'skii for his extensive reference work on early Slavic manuscripts, including a biographical index of scribes, translators, manuscript collectors, etc. with detailed references to other published catalogues and locations of related materials. Only the first part of the series, Rukopisnaia knizhnost' drevnerusskikh bibliotek (XI–XVII vv.), covering entries “A–V” (the first three letters of the Russian alphabet) was published in 1914, but has now been updated by a new series (see Slovar' knizhnikov i knizhnosti Drevnei Rusi [3 vols in 7 pts issued from 1987 to 2004]).

g-719. Sreznevskii, Vladimir Izmailovich. Svedeniia o rukopisiakh, pechatnykh izdaniiakh i drugikh predmetakh, postupivshikh v Rukopisnoe otdelenie Biblioteki Imperatorskoi Akademii nauk v 1900 i 1901 gg. St. Petersburg: Tip. Imp. AN, 1902. 88 p. (Lib: DLC) [IDC-R-7335].
        Earlier ed. in Izvestiia Imperatorskoi Akademii nauk, series 5, 16, no. 2 (1902), pp. 1–88. [IDC-in R-1431 mf. 275-85]
        Appendix published separately: Prilozhenie I: Rukopisi i knigi, priobretennye v Vologodskoi i Arkhangel'skoi guberniiakh. St. Petersburg: Tip. Imp. AN, 1903, pp. 89–197. (Lib: NN) [IDC-R-7335]
        ——v 1902 g. 1903. 110, xviii p. (Lib: NN) [IDC-R-7335]
        Earlier ed. in Izvestiia Imperatorskoi Akademii nauk, series 5, 19, no. 1 (1903), pp. 1–127. [IDC-in R-1431 mf. 326-38]
        Appendix published separately with added title page from the original volume: Svedeniia o rukopisiakh . v 1902. Prilozhenie. Rukopisi i knigi, priobretennye V.I. Sreznevskim vo vremia poezdki v Vologodskuiu, Olonetskuiu, Permskuiu gubernii. 1905. 275 p. [IDC-R-7335]
        ——v 1903 g. 1904. 250 p. [IDC-R-7335]
        Earlier ed. in Izvestiia Imperatorskoi Akademii nauk, series 5, 20 (1904) no. 1, 1–48; no. 2, pp. 49–96; no. 3, pp. 97–144; no. 4, pp. 145–208; no. 5, pp. 209–50.
        ——v 1904 g. 1907. iv, 403 p. (Lib: MH) [IDC-R-7335 mf. 19-26].

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Slavonic-Rus' Manuscripts
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Collection of the Prerevolutionary Archeographical Commission

g-722. Barsukov, Nikolai Platonovich. Rukopisi Arkheograficheskoi komissii. St. Petersburg: Tip. M.M. Stasiulevicha, 1882. iv, 210 p. “Izdanie Imperatorskoi Arkheograficheskoi komissii.” (Lib: MH) [IDC-R-7063].
        Rukopisi Imperatorskoi Arkheograficheskoi komissii: Pervoe pribavlenie. Compiled by N.I. Sidorov. St. Petersburg: Tip. I.N. Skorokhodova, 1907. 32 p.
        Earlier ed. in LZAK 17 (1907), pp. 1–32.

Describes 229 Slavic manuscripts collected by the prerevolutionary Archeographical Commission, 109 of which are now housed in BAN, but others remain in St. Petersburg Institute of History (SPbII, former SPbF IRI and LOII—see E-23). The supplement covers 32 additional manuscripts now divided between BAN and SPbII.

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Cartographic Materials

g-725. Aleksandrov, B.V. “Opisanie rukopisnykh kart XVIII v. khraniashchikhsia v Otdele rukopisnoi knigi Biblioteki Akademii nauk SSSR.” In Geograficheskii departament Akademii nauk XVIII veka, Sup. 2, edited by V.F. Gnucheva, pp. 267–412. Moscow/Leningrad: Izd-vo AN SSSR, 1946. (Lib: DLC; IU; MH).

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Manuscripts from Old Believers’ Colony

g-727. *Bubnov, N.Iu. Staroobriadcheskie gektografirovannye izdaniia Biblioteki Rossiiskoi akademii nauk. St. Petersburg: BAN, 2012. 460 p.

g-728. Bubnov, Nikolai Iur'evich; and Martynov, I.F. “K istorii biblioteki Belokrinitskoi staroobriadcheskoi mitropolii (Po itogam arkheograficheskikh ekspeditsii Otdela rukopisnoi i redkoi knigi Biblioteki Akademii nauk SSSR 1971–1972 gg.).” Arkheograficheskii ezhegodnik za 1972 god (1973), pp. 265–75. [IDC-in R-10,754 mf. 129-35].

A report on an archeographical expedition to the Old Believers’ colony at Bukovina with a survey of some of the important manuscripts (sixteenth through nineteenth centuries) brought back to St. Petersburg, now forming a special collection in BAN.

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Manuscripts from Vologda, Olonets, and Perm Guberniias

g-731. Sreznevskii, Vladimir Izmailovich. Otchet Otdeleniiu russkogo iazyka i slovesnosti Imperatorskoi Akademii nauk o poezdke v Vologodskuiu guberniiu (mai–iiun' 1901 g.). St. Petersburg: Tip. Imp. AN, 1903. 158 p. (Lib: MH) [IDC-R-11,177].
        Earlier ed. in serial form in IORIaS 7 (1902, no. 2), pp. 232–72; (1902, no. 4), pp. 128–245. [in IDC-1107 mf. 168-75, 183-90].

Describes 36 manuscripts and 187 documents from Vologda guberniia.

g-732. Sreznevskii, Vladimir Izmailovich. Otchet Otdeleniiu russkogo iazyka i slovesnosti Imperatorskoi Akademii nauk o poezdke v Olonetskuiu, Vologodskuiu i Permskuiu gubernii (iiun' 1902 g.). St. Petersburg: Tip. Imp. AN, 1904. iv, 309 p. [IDC-R-11,178].
        Earlier ed. serially in IORIaS 8 (1903, no. 2), pp. 222–245; (1903, no. 3), pp. 127–89; (1903, no. 4), pp. 99–139; 9 (1904, no. 1), pp. 183–246; (1904, no. 2), pp. 96–161; (1904, no. 3), pp. 51–104. [IDC-in 1107 mf. 199-244].

Describes 137 maniscripts gathered on an expedition in Vologda, Olonets, and Perm guberniias in 1902; the descriptions (i. e. pp. 81–309) were subsequently incorporated into an appendix of Sreznevskii’s report on new acquisitions for the library in 1902, although the latter publication lacks the introduction and includes an extensive index.

g-733. Sreznevskii, Vladimir Izmailovich. Opisanie rukopisei i knig, sobrannykh dlia Imperatorskoi Akademii nauk v Olonetskom krae. St. Petersburg: Tip. Imp. AN, 1913. xxviii, 688 p. (Lib: DLC; MH) [IDC-R-7334].

Describes 369 Slavic manuscripts gathered in the Olonets region in 1903 and 1905, now part of the so-called Northern (Severnaia) collection in BAN.

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Manuscripts from Northern Russia

g-736. Viktorov, Aleksei Egorovich. Opisi rukopisnykh sobranii v knigokhranilishchakh severnoi Rossii. St. Petersburg: Tip. Imp. AN, 1890. 378 p. (Lib: DLC; MH) [IDC-R-7040].

Provides a list with index of manuscripts in the collections of nineteen different monasteries and other religious centers in the north of Russia compiled in the 1870s. Approximately 245 of those manuscripts described are now in BAN, specifically large portions of those from the collections of the Arkhangel'sk Seminary, the Antoniev-Siiskii monastery, and the Aleksandro-Svirskii monastery.

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Burtsev Collection

g-737. Burtsev, A.E. Opis' starykh slavianskikh i novykh russkikh rukopisei. St. Petersburg: Tip. Brokgauz-Efron, 1901. 121 p. (Lib: DLC; NN) [IDC-R-11,186].

Of the 156 early Slavic manuscripts described, 26 are now held in BAN in the Burtsev collection (fond 49). Includes the publication of lengthy excerpts from several manuscripts. The autograph collection also described in this volume has been dispersed; parts are now located in RNB and PD. Although at the conclusion the author indicates that this is “the end of the fourth volume,” this is the only volume of the series published.

g-738. Burtsev, A.E. Bibliograficheskoe obozrenie drevneslavianskoi i russkoi pis'mennosti i drugikh literaturno-khudozhestvennykh pamiatnikov ot XIV do nachala XX v. 5 vols. St. Petersburg: Tip. Brokgauz-Efron, 1904. iv, 158 p.; 157 p.; 203Êp.; 255 p.; 147 p. (Lib: NN) [IDC-R-4669].

The second volume of this major study of early Slavic manuscripts includes a survey of approximately 300 manuscripts from the Burtsev collection, a part of which are now housed in BAN (fond 49). The fifth volume, Dopolnitel'nyi otdel, surveys an additional 30 manuscripts from this collection, only a part of which remain in BAN.

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Druzhinin Collection

g-740. Druzhinin, Vasilii Grigor'evich. Pisaniia russkikh staroobriadtsev, perechen' spiskov, sostavlennykh po pechatnym opisaniiam rukopisnykh sobranii. St. Petersburg: Tip. M.A. Aleksandrova, 1912. xiv, 2, 534 p. “Izdanie Imperatorskoi Arkheograficheskoi komissii.” (Lib: MH) [IDC-R-5892].
        Origanally published in LZAK, vol. 25. [in IDC-1296 mf. 257-68].

Describes the Slavic manuscripts in the Vasilii Grigor'evich Druzhinin collection now in BAN (fond 19).

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Collection of Count Fedor Andreevich Tolstoi

g-744. Waugh, Daniel Clarke. Slavianskie rukopisi sobraniia F.A. Tolstogo: Materialy k istorii sobraniia i ukazateli starykh i novykh shifrov. Edited by M.V. Kukushkina and D.S. Likhachev. Leningrad: BAN SSSR, 1980. 135 p. + plates. (Lib: MH).
        Earlier microfiche ed.: The F.A. Tolstoi collection: The Slavic Manuscripts in the Collection of Count F.A. Tolstoi: Materials on the History of the Collection and Indexes of Former and Current Code Numbers/ Slavianskie rukopisi sobraniia grafa F.A. Tolstogo: Materialy k istorii sobraniia i ukazateli starykh i novykh shifrov. Zug: Inter Documentation Company AG, 1976. 122  p. An original IDC “Micro-Book” publication with printed introduction and table of contents. [IDC-R-9898].

A guide to the formation and present locations of Slavic manuscripts from the collection of Count Fedor Andreevich Tolstoi (1758–1849). Most of the collection is now in BAN, but some manuscripts are in RNB (G–15) and SPbII (E-23).

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Collection of Bishop Porfirii Uspenskii

g-748. Syrku, P.A. Opisanie bumag episkopa Porfiriia Uspenskogo, pozhertvovannykh im v Imperatorskuiu Akademiiu nauk po zaveshchaniiu. St. Petersburg: Tip. Imp. AN, 1891. xvi, 440 p. [IDC-R-7339].
        Earlier ed. in Zapiski Imperatorskoi Akademii nauk 64 (1891), appendix 9, pp. i–xvi, 1–440. [also in IDC-1997 mf. B 450-68].

Describes materials presented by Bishop Porfirii Uspenskii to BAN, including diaries, letters, notes, reports, and manuscripts of writings by him and others.

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Greek Musical Manuscripts

g-750. Gertsman, Evgenii Vladimirovich (Gerzmanus). Grecheskie muzykal'nye rukopisi Peterburga: Katalog/Manuscripta Graeca musica Petropolitana/Hellenika mousika cheirografa the Petroupoleos: Katalogos. 2 vols. St. Petersburg: Glagol', 1996–1999. Also listed as g–521. “Osnovaniia khristianskoi kul'tury.” (Lib: DLC[v.1]; MH[v.1]).
        Vol. 1: Rossiiskaia natsional'naia biblioteka/Ethnike bibliotheke Rossias. St. Petersburg: “Glagol',” 1996. 706 p. + 29 plates. Text in Greek with Russian resumés.
        Vol. 2: *Biblioteka Rossiiskoi Akademii nauk, Arkhiv RAN, biblioteki Universiteta i Ermitazha. St. Petersburg: RNB, 1999. 619 p.

An illustrated scholarly catalogue describing Greek music manuscripts held in RNB, BAN (G–16), ARAN (E–8 and E–20), Library of the St. Petersburg University (E-98) and Library of Hermitage.

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