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Last update of repository: 22 November 2011

*Ministerstvo kul'tury i arkhivnogo dela Amurskoi oblasti

[Ministry of Culture and Archival Affairs of Amur Oblast]

Agency: Administratsiia Amurskoi oblasti
[Administration of Amur Oblast]

Address: 675000, Amur Oblast, Blagoveshchensk, ul. Shevchenko, 24

Telephone: (416-2) 22-39-33

Fax: (416-2) 22-39-22

E-mail: mail@cult.amurobl.ru

Website: http://www.amurobl.ru/wps/portal/!ut/...

Opening hours: M–F 8:00–16:30

Minister: Aleksei Gennad'evich Samarin (tel. 22-39-33)

Head of the Division for Archival Affairs: Irina Aleksandrovna Kiseleva (tel. 22-39-51; e-mail orgmetod.arh@mail.ru)

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