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Last update of repository: 1 March 2012

*Arkhivnyi otdel Tverskoi oblasti

[Archival Division of Tver Oblast]

Agency: Administratsiia Tverskoi oblasti
[Administration of Tver Oblast]

Address: 170005, Tver Oblast, Tver, ul. Gor'kogo, 71a

Telephone: (482-2) 52-17-43, 52-28-07

Fax: (482-2) 52-28-07

E-mail: archives.tver@mail.ru

Website: http://www.rusarchives.ru/state/aoatv...;  http://www.region.tver.ru/power/otd_a...;  http://www.tversu.ru/archives/traphen...  (Eng); http://www.tversu.ru/archives/  (Rus)

Opening hours: M–F 9:00–18:00

Transport: tram: 5, 11 to stop “Oblastnoi arkhiv”

Head: Dmitrii Aleksandrovich Efremov (tel. 52-17-43)

Deputy Head: Ol'ga Gennad'evna Leont'eva (tel. 52-26-30)

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