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ArcheoBiblioBase: Archives in Russia: R-07

Last update of repository: 7 March 2016

*Komitet po delam zapisi aktov grazhdanskogo sostoiania i arkhivov Respubliki Altai

[Committee for Affairs of Registration of Vital Statistics and Archives of the Republic of Altai]

Agency: Pravitel'stvo Respubliki Altai (Pravitel'stvo RA)
[Government of the Republic of Altai]

Address: 649000, Gorno-Altaisk, ul. Erkimena Palkina, 1; ul. Chaptynova, 24

Telephone: +7 388-22 2-27-17

Fax: +7 388-22 4-73-28, +7 388-22 6-35-58

E-mail: archivra@mail.gorny.ru

Website: http://arhiv-ra.ru/

Opening hours: M–F 8:00–17:00

Transport: bus: to stop “Ploshchad' im. V.I. Lenina”

Chairman: Roza Kanaevna Sagydyeeva (tel. +7 388-22 2-27-17)

Deputy Chairman: Valentina Hikolaevna Efimova (tel. +7 388-22 2-79-14)

Head of the Division of Acquisition, Preservation, Registration, Use, and Control of the Activity of Archives: Natal'ia Viktorovna Shaburova (tel. +7 388-22 6-31-67)

Committee for Archival Affairs of the Republic of Altai combined functions of management of archival affairs and keeping of archival documents including records of former party institutions.

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