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Last update of repository: 31 March 2014

Ob"edinennyi gosudarstvennyi arkhiv Cheliabinskoi oblasti

[Consolidated State Archive of Cheliabinsk Oblast]

Agency: Gosudarstvennyi komitet po delam arkhivov Cheliabinskoi oblasti
[State Committee for Archival Affairs of Cheliabinsk Oblast]

Address: 454000, Cheliabinsk Oblast, Cheliabinsk, ul. Kommuny, 87–89

Telephone: (351) 790-02-21

Reading room: 791-24-23 (Sverdlovskii prosp., 30A); 263-75-97 (ul. Vasenko, 45)

E-mail: info@archive74.ru

Website: http://www.arhiv74.ru/;  http://chelarhiv.eps74.ru/htmlpages/S...

Opening hours: RdngRms: (Sverdlovskii prosp., 30A): M–Th 10:00–17:00; (ul. Vasenko, 45): M–WF 9:30–16:30

Director: Igor' Igorevich Vishev (tel. 263-93-67)

Deputy Director (Archival Depository No. 1): Elena Viacheslavovna Shumakova (tel. 727-08-00)

Deputy Director (Archival Depository No. 2): Natal'ia Aleksandrovna Prykina (tel. 264-61-63)

Head of the Specialized Division for Personnel Files (Archival Depository No. 3): Elena Vladimirovna Kuznetsova (tel. 778-43-18)

Arkhivokhranilishche no. 1
[Archival Depository No. 1]
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Arkhivokhranilishche no. 2—Byvshii Tsentr dokumentatsii noveishei istorii
[Archival Depository No. 2—Former Center for Documentation of Contemporary History]
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Arkhivokhranilishche no. 3
[Archival Depository No. 3]
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