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Last update of repository: 22 January 2014

Gosudarstvennyi istoricheskii arkhiv nemtsev Povolzh'ia v g. Engel'se (GIANP)

[State Historical Archive of the Volga Germans in Engels]

Agency: Upravlenie po delam arkhivov Pravitel'stva Saratovskoi oblasti
[Administration for Archival Affairs of Government of Saratov Oblast]

Address: 413100, Saratov Oblast, Engels, pl. Lenina, 13

Telephone: (845-3) 55-67-88

Fax: (845-3) 56-89-24

E-mail: archive@engels.san.ru

Website: http://www.engels-archive.ru/

Opening hours: M–Th 8:00–17:00, F 8:00–16:00

Transport: trol.: 9, bus: 247 to the end; from Saratov: bus: 247, 284

Director: Irina Sergeevna Dichkova (tel. 56-89-24)

Deputy Director: S. A. Gotsko (tel. 56-89-24)

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