Victor Adler Papers

Period  1886-1919
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Victor Adler: born in Prague 1852, died in Vienna 1918; physician, social democratic politician; founder of Gleichheit 1886, instrumental in the unification of the Austrian social democracy at the Hainfeld congress in 1889; chairman of the Sozialdemokratische Arbeiterpartei in Österreich (SDAP) 1889-1918; advocated free general elections, which were achieved in 1905; delegate to the Austrian Reichsrat 1905-1918; influential in the Second International.

Emma Adler-Braun: born in Debreczen, Hungary 1858, died in Zurich 1935; author, socialist militant and feminist; married Victor Adler in 1878; translated French, English, Italian and Russian works; during the last nine years of her life she lived with her son Friedrich in Zurich; contributed to the Arbeiter-Zeitung.


Correspondence with Ignaz Auer 1892-1899, August Bebel 1889-1913, J.H.W. Dietz 1894-1918, Friedrich Ebert 1910-1918, Karl Kautsky 1886-1918, Hermann Müller 1917, Victor Servy 1889, Paul Singer 1893-1910 and others; correspondence, circulars, telegrams, proceedings and (draft) resolutions relating to the International Socialist Bureau (ISB) 1889-1918, mainly concerning the International Socialist Conferences in Stuttgart 1907, Copenhagen 1910 and Stockholm 1917; circulars and pamphlets on Austrian politics 1898-1910; last will; telegrams received on the death of Victor Adler from Clara Zetkin, the ISB, the Unabhängige Sozialdemokratische Partei Deutschlands (USPD) and others 1918; paper in commemoration of Victor Adler1932; manuscripts by Emma Adler of her biography of Victor Adler (unpublished) and a letter from Julie Bebel to Emma Adler 1898. NB. Part of the Victor Adler papers at the Verein für Geschichte der Arbeiterbewegung in Vienna, Austria.

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