Alexander Atabekian Papers

Period  1890-1894
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Born in Shusha, Transcaucasia, Russia 1868 of Armenian descent, died in Russia 1940 (?); studied medicine in Geneva and Lyon; became an anarchist in 1890 through Kropotkin's publications; in Geneva he published Armenian and Russian translations of Kropotkin and other anarchist authors; edited in 1894 the only Armenian anarchist periodical Hamaink (5 nos.); worked between 1896 and 1917 as a doctor in Northern Persia; after the February Revolution again active in the anarchist movement; edited the anarchist magazine Pocin, representing the anarcho-cooperative trend in the libertarian movement 1919-1923; one of the veteran anarchists who founded the Kropotkin Museum in Moscow; arrested in the 1930s and presumably died in a labour camp in 1940. See a biographical sketch of Atabekian in French language.


Letters from Peter Kropotkin 1891-1893, Max Nettlau 1892-1894, Paraškev Stojanov 1890-1894 and others.

NB. Originally part of the Nettlau collection.

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