Zo d' Axa Papers

Period  1878-1897 (1968)
Total size   0.12 m.
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Born as Alphonse Gallaud de la Pérouse in Paris 1864, died in Marseille 1930; son of a wealthy engineer, adventurer, traveller, anti-militarist, individualist, satirist, journalist, founder of two of the most legendary French magazines of the 1890s, L’EnDehors (1891-1893) and La Feuille (1897-1899); deserted from the French cavalry to Belgium and went in exile in Italy 1889; ran an ultra-catholic newspaper; accused of insulting the Empress of Germany and the French army and became an anarchist due to the subsequent legal proceedings against him; returned to France taking advantage of a general amnesty; confessed more strongly to anarchism and founded the anarchist newspaper L'EnDehors 1891; target of the authorities and kept in jail in Mazas Prison in Paris; wrote numerous pamphlets after his release; once more arrested in Italy but released 1894; published De Mazas à Jérusalem with illustrations by Lucien Pisarro , Steinlen and Félix Valloton 1895; travelled to Mexico, Canada and the United States; committed suicide in Marseille 1930.


Photocopies: youth writings 1878; letters by Jean Ajalbert 1896, Louis Anquetin n.d., Tristan Bernard n.d., Alexandre Cohen 1895, Georges Darien n.d., Lucien Descaves 1892 and n.d., Félix Fénéon 1892, 1897 and n.d., Augustin Hamon 1895-1896, Émile Henry 1892 and n.d., Frantz Jourdain 1891, Henry Kistemaekers 1894 and n.d., Errico Malatesta 1923, Malato 1894-1895, Lucien Pemjean 1894, Lucien Pisarro 1895, Théophile-Alexandre Steinlen n.d., Adolphe Tabarant n.d. and others; documents on the affair Lécuyer 1889-1894; travel documents to visit Turkey 1892; documents on the trial on the accusation of insulting the army 1893-1898; letters by Hem Day 1968.

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