Archief Christiaan Cornelissen

Periode  1873-1942 (-1947)
Omvang   3.63 m.
Raadpleging Vrij


Born in Den Bosch, the Netherlands 1864, died in Domme, France 1942; libertarian communist and syndicalist; teacher and publicist; editor of Recht voor Allen and active in the Sociaal-Democratische Bond (SDB) and the Socialistenbond, which succeeded the SDB after the founding of the Sociaal-Democratische Arbeiders Partij (SDAP) by the social-democrats in 1894; one of the founders of the trade-union federation Nationaal Arbeid-Secretariaat (NAS) in 1893; broke with the Socialistenbond and Ferdinand Domela Nieuwenhuis and left the Netherlands for France in 1898; active in the Confédération Générale du Travail (CGT) and editor of the Bulletin International du Mouvement Syndicaliste; his partner during many years was Lilly Rupertus, who gave birth to their son Fred in 1903; took side with the democratic countries at the outbreak of the First World War, which meant a temporarily break with the syndicalist organizations; author of `Le Communisme Révolutionnaire' 1896 and of `Théorie de la Valeur' 1902, which was the first part of the serial work `Traité Générale de Science Économique' published between 1902 and 1944; furthermore of `Les Générations Nouvelles' 1935; his Méditations Sociologiques/Introduction à une sociologie générale' remained unpublished.


Personal papers: identity cards, certificates and other personal documents 1873-1942 (1943); correspondence with Lilly Rupertus 1906-1914 (-1937), Fred Cornelissen 1907-1917, 1930-1937 and other relatives; correspondence with P. Argyriades 1894-1898, E. Baud 1902, 1907-1909, Fernand Brouez [1893], 1895, Ferdinand Domela Nieuwenhuis 1891, 1899, A. Hamon 1897, 1900 and n.d., Bernard Kampffmeyer 1895, Peter Kropotkin 1895-1896, Bernard Lazare 1895-1896, H.W. Lee 1894-1895, Max Nettlau 1905-1912, 1922, Georges Renard 1894 and others; texts of speeches by Christiaan Cornelissen [1892-1898]; manuscripts of his `Introduction à une sociologie générale' and of his memoirs and parts of some other manuscripts; notes [1886-1899]; copies of his own publications most of them provided with notes and corrections [1891-] 1892-1935, 1944; other documentation 1777-1942 (-1951). Papers of relatives: correspondence by Lilly Rupertus, Fred Cornelissen and other relatives with Freija Benisch, Frida ńĆerkezov-Rupertus, Henri and Frania Fuss, Arnold van Gennep, Emma Goldman, Jean Grave, Mabel Grave-Holland, Louise Guérinau, Pierra Kropotkine, Marc and E. Pierrot, Jacques Reclus, Paul Reclus and others 1905-1940 (-1948); documents from Fred Cornelissen and his daughter-in-law Nora Cornelissen-Bjune (1906-) 1927-1955.

List by Cees Smit in 1998 and inventory by Homme Wedman in 1993