Lucien Deslinières Papers

Period  1899-1937
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Born in Vierzon-Ville, France 1857, died in Vernouillet, France 1937; joined the Parti Ouvrier Français (POF) in 1891; worked as a journalist and writer, developing his scheme for a future socialist society; tried in vain to establish a collectivist settlement in Morocco; in the same vain he set out to prepare a new society in the Soviet Union, where he became an agricultural commissar in the Ukraine in 1920; however the civil war and economic difficulties blocked his attempts at agrarian reform; returned to France, where he continued to work out his ideas.


Letters received by Deslinières from Jules Guesde, Benoît Malon, Prosper Olivier Lissagaray, Emile Vandervelde, Léon Blum and others; manuscript of the preface by Jean Jaurès for Deslinières publication L'application du système collectiviste (Paris, 1899); visiting cards 1899-1937.

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