Ugo Fedeli Papers

Period  1869-1964
Total size   21.6 m.
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Known also as Hugo Treni; used many other pseudonyms. Born in Milan 1898, died in Ivrea, Italy 1964; anarchist, worker, writer and collector. Arrested for the first time in 1913; attended the events of the 'Settimana rossa' in Milano, 1914; drafted in 1917, but deserted to Switzerland where was tried in the 'Bombe di Zurich' process in 1919, together with Luigi Bertoni and many others; in 1920 married Clelia Premoli; took part in the main events of the 'Biennio rosso' in Milan until march 1921: then accused, as well as other anarchists, of a series of bomb attacks, culminated in the bomb at the theater 'Diana', that caused 21 victimes. Through Switzerland and Berlin, went to Russia, where he spent less than one year; left at the end of 1921 and went to Berlin; at the end of 1923 went to Paris, where he took part in the major events of political activities of the italian immigration in France ('fuoriuscitismo'). Author of the periodical 'La Lotta Umana' toghether with Luigi Fabbri, Camillo Berneri, Torquato Gobbi and others; expelled from France in 1929, went first to Bruxelles, then from Antwerpen to Montevideo, Uruguay; collaborated with Fabbri and others in publishing 'Studi sociali'; deported to Italy by the Terra dictatorship in 1933; imprisoned in 'confino' (various places) from 1935 to 1943; major of the village of Bucchianico (Chieti) for about 10 months between 1943 and 1944; secretary of the Federazione Comunista Libertaria Alta Italia (FCLAI) and then of Federazione Anarchica Italiana (FAI) after the war; member of the Commission de Relations Internationales Anarchistes (CRIA) from 1948; in 1951 employed by Adriano Olivetti as a librarian and organizer of courses for the Centre Cultural Olivetti. During all his life contributed to a great number of periodicals; author of many publications on anarchism, in particular of bibliographical and biographical studies, collected, together with Clelia Premoli, an important collections of books, pamphlets, periodicals and various documents.


Diaries 1921-1933; 1943-1944; correspondence with Diego Abad de Santillán, Emile Armand, Camillo Berneri, Giovanna Berneri, Luigi Bertoni, Armando Borghi, Pietro Bruzzi, Gigi Damiani, Severino Di Giovanni, Carlo Doglio, Luigi Fabbri, Luce Fabbri, Sébastien Faure, Italo Garinei, Ildefonso González, Jean Grave, Lucien Haussard, Renée Lamberet, Gaston Leval, Mario Mantovani, Osvaldo Maraviglia, Giuseppe Mariani, Carlo Molaschi and Maria Rossi, Nino Napolitano, Simón Radowitzky, Rudolf Rocker, Raffaele Schiavina, Augustin Souchy, Pio Turroni, and others 1921-1964 (also with groups, federations and organizations); letters from prison by Gino Lucetti to his family 1930-1935, 1939-1943 and by Giovanni Domaschi to his family 1939-1943; handwritten and typed manuscripts of many books, articles, and courses including his memoirs `Da una guerra all'altra. Brani di vita di un rivoluzionario' n.d.; some manuscripts and typescripts by others, among those by Adriano Vanni, Giovanni Domaschi, Luigi Repossi, Augustin Souchy, Martino Stanca, Luigi Piccolo, Alibrando Giovannetti, Pasquale Binazzi, Tomaso Concordia, Pio Turroni, Ettore Sottovia, Gino Viero, Nina Weksler, Joseph Mascii, Gigi Damiani, Marco Giambelli, Antonio Dettori, Virgilia D' Andrea, Nino Napolitano, Hem Day, Luigi Fabbri, Dino Fortini, Wanda Lizzari, Erikson Nostasiode (Giorgetti), Virgilio Galassi, Gelindo Zanasi, Rino Palagi, Geno Pampaloni, Mario Perelli, Lia Bellora, Volin and a typescript on Umberto Postiglione; documents on Congresses from the Conferenza di Rimini, 1872, to Senigallia, 1962; documents on various organizations, mainly anarchist and Italian, such as the Comitati Pro Vittime Politiche (Paris, Milano, Livorno), Comitati di Difesa Sindacale, Federazione Comunista Libertaria Alta Italia, Federazione Anarchica Italia and many others; various documents also on foreign organizations, mainly in Europe and South America (especially France, Spain, Argentina, Uruguay); various documents on persons and militants, mainly anarchists.


In the organization of his papers Fedeli made no clear distinction between the documents he received as a participant and member of the political organizations in which he was involved, and the documents he collected and received from others; he often composed files on organizations, persons and meetings in which he kept all kind of documents (manuscripts, notes, records, circulars, bulletins, clippings etc); in the present arrangement these files were mostly kept together and described in separate series on organizations, persons and congresses; the correspondence listed in the first part in an alphabetical series also contains some correspondence by others; many manuscripts and typescripts by Fedeli himself are listed separately in invno. 265-376, but manuscripts and typescripts by Fedeli and others can also be found in the various files on organizations, persons and congresses; books, periodicals and pamphlets have been transferred to the library and posters and photographs to the Sound and Image department of the IISH; this inventory replaces the preliminary and incomplete lists made in the 1970’s and the list of the correspondence published in 2006.

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Inventory made by Antonio Senta in 2008.

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Premoli, Clelia.
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1 security microfilm.