Ruth Fischer Papers

Period  1946 and n.d
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Born in Leipzig 1895, died in Paris 1961; born Elfriede Eisler, sister of Hans Eisler; politician and publicist; studied philosophy, national economics and politics in Vienna; co-founder of the Kommunistische Partei Österreichs in Vienna 1918; moved to Berlin 1919; led the Kommunistische Partei Deutschlands and set it on an extreme left-wing course from 1924; removed from this party 1926; member of the Reichsrat 1924-1928; fled to Paris in 1933 and to the USA in 1941; developed a critical outlook on Stalinism and hoped for a better development of communism after Stalin's death; lived after 1955 in Paris and published her works Stalin and German Communism and Die Umformung der Sowjetgesellschaft; her son Ger(h)ard Friedländer was a mathematician and died in England 2001.


Typescript by Gerard Friedländer on the life of his mother Ruth Fischer between both World Wars n.d.

Correspondence between Ruth Fischer and Gaston Davoost (= Henri Chazé) 1946.