Paul Frölich Papers

Period  1938
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Born in Leipzig 1884, died in Frankfurt am Main 1953; trained as a commercial employee, studied history and social sciences in the ‘Leipziger Arbeiterverein’, and followed university courses in political economy; joined the SPD in 1902 and worked from 1905 onward for social democratic newspapers in Leipzig, Hamburg, and Bremen; as a leading member of the Bremen radical left he was prominent in the anti-war-opposition during World War I, took part in the Kienthal-conference in 1916 and was a co-founder of the KPD in 1919; member of the KPD-Zentrale until 1924, lost influence since 1923 and was eventually expelled in 1928, to be subsequently member in leading positions of KPD-O (1928) and SAPD (1932); editor of the Collected Works (Gesammelte Werke) of Rosa Luxemburg in the 1920ies; emigrated to France in 1933, took part in the German emigree ‘Volksfrontausschuß’ in Paris in 1936 and escaped to the USA in 1941; returned to Western Germany in 1950 and was a member of the SPD until his death. Frölich wrote his political memoirs in 1938 in the framework of a IISH pre-war project aimed to stimulate leading figures of the early years of Communist International to register their personal recollections and ended by the outbreak of World War II; the memoirs go back to Frölich’s youth in the Leipzig social democratic milieu and cover extensively his political activities during and after World War I until the 1921 communist March-uprising and its consequences.


Political memories 1938.