Augustin Frédéric Adolphe Hamon Papers

Period  (1872-) 1880-1939 (-1959).
Total size   10.55 m.
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Born in Nantes 1862, died in Port-Blanc-en-Penvénan, France 1945; sociologist, militant libertarian, later socialist; delegate for the Bourse du Travail of Nantes to the International Socialist Congress in London, 1896; founder of the anarchist magazine L'Humanité nouvelle in 1897 and editor until 1903; secretary of the freemasonry federation in Brittany from 1905; member of the Association Nationale des Libres Penseurs de France; from 1900 together with his wife Henriette the `official' translators of G.B. Shaw; during the First World War lecturer at the London School of Economics and Political Science; remained active as a socialist writer, joined the resistance in the Second World War; briefly joined the Parti Communiste Français (PCF) in 1945.


Part of his papers: correspondence by Hamon as a socialist writer and as editor of L'Humanité nouvelle with Antonio Agresti, Angelica Balabanoff, Fernand Brouez, Paul Brousse, Edward Carpenter, Christiaan Cornelissen, Ernest Crosby, Lucien Descaves, Victor Dave, Ferdinand Domela Nieuwenhuis, Havelock Ellis, Emma Goldman, Karl Kautsky, James Keir Hardie, Aleksandra Kollontaj, Peter Kropotkin, Paul Lafargue, Maximilian Luce, Errico Malatesta, Robert Michels, Max Nettlau, Fernand Pelloutier, Camille and Lucien Pissarro, Emile Pouget, Elie and Elisée Reclus, Georges Sorel, W.B. Yeats and others; files on anarchism, militarism, socialism and L'Humanité nouvelle (including the trial Hamon/Schleicher); typed and handwritten manuscripts of articles by Emma Goldman, Kozlowski and Dora Kris; from Dora Kris a translation of an unpublished work by Otto Bauer; printed material, mainly concerning the communist resistance in the Second World War, collected by Geneviève Hamon; collection of press clippings on (anti-)Semitism, anarchism, socialism and other subjects.

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