International Working Union of Socialist Parties Archives

Period  1921-1923
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Founded in Vienna 1921; positioned itself in between the Labour and Socialist International (LSI), which had its secretariat in London and the Third International (COMINTERN); also indicated as `Two and a half International'; tried to bridge the gap between social democrats and communists within the labour movement; member parties included the Unabhängige Sozialdemokratische Partei Deutschlands (USPD), the Independent Labour Party (ILP) and the Socialist Party from the USA; with the existing LSI cofounder of the Sozialistische Arbeiter-Internationale (SAI; Labour and Socialist International) 1923 in Hamburg, Germany.


Collection consisting of carbon copies and shorthand draft letters by Friedrich Adler, secretary of the IASP; pamphlet 'Die Wiener Konferenz' 1921; copies of Nachrichten der Internationalen Arbeitsgemeinschaft Sozialistischer Parteien; communications by the Czech and Hungarian representatives; press clippings.

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Adler, Friedrich.