Hans Kudlich Papers

Period  1839-1913
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Born in Lobenstein, Austria 1823, died in Hoboken, USA 1917; studied philosophy and law in Vienna; during the 1848 revolution a member of the Kremsier Austrian Reichstag on the democratic left; tried to convince the peasants to rise against the landowners and had to flee to escape imprisonment; took part in the `Pfalz' rising; fled to Switzerland; in absence sentenced to death because of his part in various risings; studied medicine; went to the USA in 1853 and began practicing as a physician; fervent opponent of slavery and member of the Republican Party; received amnesty in 1866; travelled to Austria several times.


Personal documents 1848-1849, 1854, 1882; correspondence with Julius Gierschick 1892-1908, Fr. Hocheregg 1872, Alfred Knoll 1888-1891, Prof. Kolatschek 1872-1873 and n.d., Dr. Max Menger 1872-1908, Franz Tiller 1844-1852, Franz Tisch 1872, 1893, 1908, Ernst Ritter von Violand 1849-1872 and others; manuscripts; notes; copies of periodicals and clippings of articles on the revolutionary period of 1848-1849 in Germany and Austria-Hungary and articles concerning or written by Hans Kudlich 1848-1913 and n.d.; leaflets 1848-1849; pamphlets and some other printed material; some personal documents of his brother Josef Hermann Kudlich 1850; correspondence by Josef Hermann Kudlich with family members and others 1839-1859; some correspondence between others 1848-1888 and n.d.; a manuscript by Franz Tisch n.d.

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